Can dentures be implanted?

Wearing braces for dentures or planting dentures with braces is a question of many of you who are growing dentures that need braces. To answer the question, in this article Flora dentistry will advise you specifically whether to brace for dentures or not?

1. What is denture planting?

Denture planting is a method of restoring missing teeth due to causes such as age, accidents or dental pathologies that require tooth extraction. There are many methods of planting dentures such as porcelain teeth, porcelain bridges, dental implants. In particular, dental implants are the most modern method of dental planting.

Wearing braces for dentures is not applicable to porcelain bridges
Wearing braces for dentures is not applicable to porcelain bridges

Dental implants with 3-part structure: porcelain crowns, Abutment joints and implant pillars comprehensively replace missing teeth. With modern dental techniques, the pillar is placed directly into the jaw bone to replace the real root of the tooth, so it is as strong and healthy as the real teeth. Not only that, the method of implanting dentures also overcomes bone loss that other methods of denture making do not have.

Dental implants restore aesthetics, eat natural chewing and firmness. So, for those who are implanting dentures, do they have braces like real teeth?

2. Can dentures be implanted?

Dentures can still be braced. However, the braces also depend on each specific case, need a thorough examination to be able to confirm.

According to experts, there are cases where braces are not allowed for dentures such as:

  • Porcelain teeth are covered with both jaws, because when covering porcelain teeth many teeth doctors have arranged and fixed teeth evenly so you do not need to wear braces.
  • Dental bridge or implant. The reason is that before treatment, doctors have aligned and arranged the teeth firmly into the jaw bone so it cannot be disassembled or moved. If braces will destroy the stability of the bridge or dental implant.
Porcelain teeth 1 single can braces
Porcelain teeth 1 single can braces

For the case of dentures with braces is the case of individual porcelain teeth by shifting the porcelain and pulp teeth to its original position. However, to be able to braces you should consult your doctor and choose the right method of braces.

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3. Effective braces method when dentures have been planted

When planting dentures with braces, you should choose invisalign braces. Since this is the most modern brace method with flexible Smartrack material, hugging and shifting teeth, it is very limited to affecting the covered teeth.

Invisalign braces are more modern than braces because braces must be attached to braces and braces if not careful in the operation is very easy to lead to the breakage of the crown. Not only that, braces are difficult to clean, when dentures are not cleaned, it is easy to cause bad breath or gingivitis.

Invisalign braces are the right method for dentures
Invisalign braces are the right method for dentures

So what are the considerations for taking care of dentures?

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4. Considerations when teeth are finished

To wear braces for dentures effectively you should have a good care regimen:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions including diet, oral care. Specifically, when braces, you should use soft foods to avoid affecting the results of braces such as porridge, soup, milk, stew or boiled.
  • Eliminate bad habits, affect the teeth after braces such as pushing the tongue, using teeth to bite hard, chewy objects …
  • Re-examine early if dentures show signs of rupture
  • Clean your teeth regularly 2-3 times a day, combined with mouthwash, floss to ensure braces.

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