Dental implants are considered a great achievement of dental technology, helping to restore lost teeth at the best today. The success rate of dental implants is very high. However, if the following 4 factors are not guaranteed, it may lead to Complications when implanting teeth have incalculable consequences:

1: The doctor’s expertise and skills.

2nd: Genuine implant and quality assurance.

Third: The patient’s health condition.

4th: Dental implant technology, machinery and equipment systems.

Complications after dental implants


are something that no one wants, as it affects the oral health and of our whole body.. Especially the following 5 common and dangerous complications:

the image has plugged the implant into the jaw bone

1. Infection of dental implant area

This is the most common complication after dental implants. The main reason is the not thorough oral hygiene, causing too much leftover food to stick to the surgical area. From there, create an environment for bacteria to grow and cause infection to the tooth area.

The most common sign is that the tissue around the teeth in the implant area is swollen and red. If not detected in time, it can cause severe inflammation, leading to bone loss and rejection of implant pillars..

In addition, if sterile stitching when implanting teeth is not done well, the risk of infection after surgery will be very high.

2. Prolonged bleeding after surgery

Normally, when implants are implanted, they can bleed in the first 1-2 days, so the patient can swallow the saliva gently and avoid affecting the surgical part. However, if the bleeding is heavy and prolonged, this is one of the serious complications after implantation. At this time, the client needs to see a dentist to receive timely treatment.

3. Inflammation around implant pillar

Causes of inflammation around the implant pillar This is often due to improper hygiene and dental care. When this condition persists, it will lead to infection, loss of bone around the implant pillar and make the implant pillar no longer firm in the jaw bone..

4. Damage to nearby tissues

If you do not have a CT scan carefully before implanting or poor doctor’s technique, you may have:

  • Damaged lower tooth nerve canal: during the drilling of the implant pier, making the patient feel pain, numbness, gums, lips, chin area, mucous area. If the symptoms get worse, the implant may have to be removed. The transplant will fail.
  • Damage to the jaw bone: in case the patient does not have enough jaw bone, the bone is not thick enough but the doctor does not transplant the bone but still performs the implant, the implant cannot integrate with the jaw bone. It affects the success rate of the surgery and the cost of treatment will be higher.

5.Implanted teeth in the wrong place

If implants are implanted in the wrong place, it can have consequences: When eating chewing or cleaning the teeth, customers will feel pain when touching the gums, even the appearance of inflammation, affecting pronunciation. After a while, the implant pillar may break due to the wrong implant direction.


To prevent complications after implantation Then customers should choose for themselves a reputable, quality dentistry. With a team of doctors specializing in Implants, modern equipment, genuine implant pillars … to have successful surgery and ensure health safety.

The need to choose dentists with highly qualified doctors, many years of experience with full implant license issued by the Department of Health is very necessary for customers. Physician Nguyen Dac Minh graduated from the formal system of Dental Maxillofacial Dentistry, currently working in Flora Dentistry. Throughout training and development, Dr. Nguyen Dac Minh I haven’t stopped cultivating more knowledge. Since then, the doctor has obtained many valuable certificates:

  • Formal diploma – maxillofacial specialist
  • Dental Implant Certificate from The Central Dental Hospital
  • Member of the World Implant Association ( ICOI)
  • Member of the Swiss Implant Association ( ITI)

Flora Dentistry where dedicated to creating prestige!