Dental Implants It is no longer so strange to everyone because of the safety and efficiency. But is this the best method of restoring missing teeth? Let’s find the answer with Flora Dental.

1. Treatment solutions for tooth loss

1.1. Removable dentures

Removable dentures
Removable dentures

Removable dentures are composed of:

  • A jaw background/frame background (made of metal or titanium)
  • Dentures made of plastic or porcelain are installed on top.

The method retains its core role of restoring the shape of lost teeth and restoring chewing function.


  • Fake it’s affordable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Performing the function of chewing is difficult.
  • Due to the absence of dentures, bone loss still occurs. Therefore, the phenomenon of gingivitis occurs, causing the removable molars not to tighten into the gums anymore.
  • From the above disadvantage, the user will have to go to the dentist several times to correct. It’s a waste of your own time.
  • Life expectancy is not high (depending on the location each person will be able to use in a few years).

1.2. Porcelain Dental Bridge

Porcelain Dental Bridge
Porcelain Dental Bridge

Porcelain bridges are a method of restoring lost teeth by grinding 2 teeth next to the missing teeth. Then use a bridge consisting of 3 porcelain crowns attached to it. The middle porcelain tooth will replace the missing tooth. The remaining two porcelain teeth serve as the support for the bridge.

Similar to dentures, porcelain bridges retain the role of a dental restoration method to improve chewing function.


  • Aesthetics are higher than dentures, because porcelain has a natural color like our real teeth.
  • Chewing function works well with dentures because porcelain has high hardness and bearing capacity.
  • The cost is not too high, if compared to the cost of dental implants, porcelain teeth are still much more pleasant, suitable for customers who do not have enough finance to meet dental implants.


  • Impact on real teeth (small grinding of the crown).
  • Similar to dentures, the porcelain bridge method still does not have a root. Therefore, it will lead to consequences such as: bone loss, gum drop,…
  • Life expectancy ranges from 5 years to 7 years.

1.3. Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most optimal method today. It is possible to definitively treat the problem of tooth loss that the above two methods cannot perform because there is an implant pillar to replace the root of the tooth.

The implant in dentistry is a pillar with an oblong shape, made of titanium, high purity. There is an alternative effect to the missing root of the tooth, which serves as a support for a new restoration such as porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges or dentures.

From there, it is possible to restore the missing teeth one or more, continuously or intermittently. The implant with a surface is not too smooth, capable of attracting bone cells, fully integrated into the jaw bone, firm and stable.


  • It doesn’t affect any other teeth.
  • Chewing function is fully restored.
  • No bone loss.
  • Life expectancy up to forever.


  • Expensive cost
  • The duration of the procedure is longer than the above 2 methods (due to the process of bone integration).

2. So is dental implants the best treatment solution?

As analyzed above, dental implants are the most comprehensive and safe method to overcome tooth loss. However, you should choose reputable dentistry, advanced equipment and highly specialized and experienced doctors, to ensure the success of an implant transplant.

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