Choosing a good, full and quality dental implant address will save you a lot of money. Where is the best and best quality dental implant in Ho Chi Minh City? HCM. With a full implant service, with many incentives, customers can learn this service at Flora Dentistry.

1. Advanced dental restoration technology

Dental implants are the best advanced and modern dental restoration technology with 4 outstanding advantages:

  • This is the only method to replace the lost tooth.
  • Aesthetics and chewing function like real teeth.
  • Prevent bone loss, jaw deflection.
  • Shelf life up to life.

Choosing a good, packaged and quality dental implant address will help you save a lot of money. Where is the best and best quality dental implant in Ho Chi Minh City? HCM. With all-inclusive implant services, with many incentives, customers can find this service at Flora Dentistry.

dental implants

2. Dental implants at a good price package

Currently, many dentists have full dental services when patients come to work, there will be no additional cost of related services unless the customer has bone damage to have a bone graft and sinus lift to complete the treatment in the most perfect way. Usually when choosing an implant, you will be given an equivalent porcelain crown.

Implants have many types of pillars from famous brands in the world, besides implants also have Abutment joints a very important component to make a successful surgery. Each type of implant pillar will have different advantages, price, warranty. Therefore, how much it costs to implant implants, will depend on the loss of teeth, the type of implant pillar / type of porcelain crown that you choose and people’s finances.

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3. Some types of implants at Flora Dentistry

– Straumann Implants Switzerland: Lifetime Warranty

– Swiss Implants: Lifetime Warranty

– French Tekka Implants: Lifetime Warranty

– Implants USA: 15-year warranty

– Dentium Implants Korea: 10-year warranty

full implant tooth pillar

After implants are performed, Flora Dentistry will send customers a warranty card containing personal information with the deadline specified on the card.

  • In case of warranty when:

– The implant system’s frame is fractured and deformed during normal chewing use.

– Present the warranty card when needed.

  • Cases where the warranty is not applied:

– Cracks, fractures caused by falls or injuries.

– Eat, chew food too hard.

– No genuine cards or warranty slips.

4. Why choose Flora Dentistry for Dental Implants?

– Bone integration only 3 weeks or more

– 3D Sophis technique accurately every nanometer

– Permanent tooth life

– Use the world’s leading implant system with genuine warranty

– High success rate

– Ensure the best price in HO CHI MINH CITY

implant clinic

With the motto of being a smooth dentistry, we always bring to customers:

– A team of highly skilled doctors, gentle operation, bringing good psychology in the process of counseling and treatment.

– Relaxing space, no smell of hospital, repels anxiety.

– Reasonable treatment cost, 0% interest instalmation with extremely simple procedure.

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