To complete an implant surgery, the final step is to restore the porcelain teeth on the implant. So what about dental restoration on a specific implant? Let’s find out right here in this article.

1. What is dental restoration on implants?

Porcelain dental restoration on the implant is after the bone integration test of the implant achieves good results. The doctor will proceed to attach the porcelain crown on top of the Abutment connected to the implant pillar that has been placed on the missing root of the tooth.

Dental restoration work on implants is similar to when you cover normal porcelain teeth. Duration from 3 to 6 days.

Restoring porcelain teeth on the implant helps prevent bone dissipation. It also keeps the jaw bone from being dissipated, restoring the structure of the face. The function of chewing is as good as real teeth.

2. Dental restoration process on implants

Re-examination and examination of the bone integration status of the implant pillar

Depending on the body as well as the loss of teeth of each person, there will be a different time between the implant pillars and the jaw bone. After implantation time from 3-6 months. The doctor will schedule the patient, to conduct an examination and a 3D CT scan. Based on the results of the scan, the doctor will determine whether the implant has been firmly integrated into the jaw bone. After that, the doctor will perform a fixed porcelain tooth restoration.

Dental restoration on implants
Bone Integrated Implant Implant Process

Healing Cap

After examining the implant pillar with good results, the doctor will attach the healing pillar to the implant. The doctor will choose the healing cap that is suitable for the type of implant. As well as the condition of the patient’s soft tissue.

Dental restoration on implants
Healing Cap

Dental implants on implants and appointments for re-examination

After 3-5 days, when the gum tissue has grown steadily around the healing pillar. The doctor will place the Abutment coupling on the implant pillar. At the same time, take a mark and choose the color of porcelain teeth that match the natural tooth color or according to the patient’s requirements. This process requires a highly-skilled, experienced doctor for the dental implant process to be successful.

3. Things to keep in mind after performing porcelain dental restoration on implants

3.1 Diet

After restoring porcelain teeth on the implant for a week you should choose soft foods. The implant doesn’t have to be under too much pressure. If you eat foods that are too hard, chewy, the implant pillar is easily shaken. After a month, when the implant is firm, you can eat normally the items you like.

Soft food for new porcelain teeth on implants

Besides, you should increase your intake of foods rich in fiber, vitamins. To strengthen the body’s resistance, fight inflammation and make teeth become healthier.

3.2 Dental Care After Implant

  • Dental implants function almost like real teeth. So you just need to take care of your teeth like normal teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day, not brushing your teeth too hard will cause the enamel to be damaged. Choose a soft toothbrush that suits your teeth. Don’t forget to change your toothbrush periodically after about 3-6 months. You should combine it with mouthwash to maximize the effectiveness of dental hygiene.
Restoration of lost teeth
Dental care after implants
  • Check and re-examine your teeth periodically. So that the doctor can monitor oral health and have timely treatment options if problems arise.

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