Many people from birth or due to development during puberty have had defects in smiles that are good smiles. Laughing is unsightly, self-deprecating in communication makes them feel afraid to talk to the other person. Through the following article Flora dentistry will suggest 5 most popular gum-exposed laughter treatments today, changing the appearance that attracts the eyes for people who experience gum cleft smile defects.

1. What is a good laugh?

A smile is when a person smiles, the gums of the root of the tooth are exposed, the distance from the root of the tooth to the upper lip border when smiling if exposed in excess of 3mm will be said to smile exposed gums.

2. Causes of laughter

  • Dental causes: The tooth stem is short, too covered by gums
  • Cause of tooth socket bone: The tooth socket bone is too thick, the gums are hypertrophic
  • Nguyen Nhan due to lips: The lip symchany is too large to make the lips pull up too much when laughing

Reasons for laughter.

3. 5 ways to treat smiles in the current

  • Simple gum-lengthing method

This method is indicated for cases of open gum laughter due to the short, over-covered gums. There are currently two methods: plastic gum removal surgery and laser cutting. Depending on the condition of each client, the doctor will give the indication for the most effective surgery. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed to reveal the crown in the right length, ensuring a golden ratio. Gum shaping lengths the crown simply without recurrence.

Little Laughs

  • Gum shaping method combined with bone correction

This method is indicated for the case of open smile due to two combined causes: short tooth stems, too thick tooth socket bones. For such a combination cause it will not be possible to intervene with Lazer technology. The doctor will perform plastic gum removal surgery with bone correction. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed to reveal the crown at the right length. At the same time, the impact on the bone of the tooth socket reduces the volume in excess of the proportion. Gum shaping combined with a non-recurrent bone correction.

  • Lip positioning

This method is indicated for the case of laughing gums caused by the environment, large sysmchanical muscles. The technique used in this method is surgery to drain the corridor. Thereby reducing the traction of the upper lip muscle when laughing, overcoming open laughter.

Lip positioning is a method that can recur depending on the characteristics of each person’s sysmchane that will not recur, or recur after 3-5 years.

  • Braces combined with subsidence

For cases where the bite is too deep, causing the upper teeth to press on the lower molars, leading to gum sesame that makes our lower gums make us see more gums, it is best to brace your teeth first so that the bite returns to its proper position. In addition, during braces, the doctor will combine to add minivis to help pull the teeth back to their original position to reduce cleft palate. This is a safe and effective treatment for patients.

  • Injection of muscle relaxants

If you smile because the muscle pulls your lips too hard, your doctor will inject muscle relaxants containing a large amount of protein, which reduces the activity of the upper lip muscle causing your smile to narrow vertically.

supplements for the treatment of cleft laughter

4. Change your appearance by smiling from Flora Dentistry

Flora Dentistry has always received credibility, is a prestigious smile and laughter address in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to:

  • Quick treatment in just 30 minutes
  • Good luck after 72:00.
  • It’s perfectly normal after treatment.
  • No pain, little swelling that’s hard to notice
  • Proprietary Pain Control System Application
  • Performed by a skilled doctor

This article helps you better understand gum laughter, the causes of open laughter, 5 most popular gum laughter treatments today. Hopefully after the above article you will understand more about smiling gums and be consulted by a doctor specifically in case you are suffering, changing the appearance to attract the eyes of those around you to regain your confidence.