CT cone-beam is a dental imaging device, which greatly supports the most successful implant process.

What is a 3D Cone Beam CT system?

CT Cone beam 3D is a type of X-RAY, using a conical X-ray beam and advanced two-way detector. The Cone Beam 3D CT scanner was born, allowing dentists to see detailed images of the bones. And moreover, A 3D cone beam CT scan also helps to evaluate diseases of the jaw, teeth, bone structure on the face, nasal cavity.


2/ Outstanding advantages of Cone Beam 3D CT scanner

implant implant with ct cone beam machine

  • Previously, traditional dental CT scanners used fan-like X-ray beams and showed only two dimensions of space above and below. CT Cone Beam 3D will capture a sharper image, clearly see the correlation between the lower molars with the nerves, the correlation between the upper molars with the sinuses and check the deep wounds inside.
  • High safety, minimizing the amount of radiation emitted
  • Make sure it’s painless, non-invasive and accurate.

3/ Where to take a 3D CT Cone Beam scan

  • ImplantsFor implant centers, the appointment of a Cone Beam 3D CT scan is an indispensable step, in order to accurately determine the thickness of the jaw bone, supporting doctors to make the right diagnosis and treatment. This ensures that the implant is plugged correctly. Avoid the ban on deviations that lead to wobbly implants and premature fall out.
  • Complex cases of endodontic need to diagnose and take the treatment regimen such as: misaligned wisdom teeth, underground teeth, misaligned bites,..

In order to bring convenience to customers, Flora Dentistry has equipped the CT Cone Beam 3D system right at the clinic, customers do not need to move elsewhere to take pictures. Most of all, this system also helps doctors diagnose more accurately in special cases or early detection of dangerous pathologies to promptly intervene, avoiding the consequences later.