We all know that not all implants are created the same. Implant pillars are distinguished by: origin, design, surface treatment, bone integration time. In particular, Swiss implants have always been the leader in quality, typically the Swiss ImplantSwiss line has long been known as the best material, only after your jaw bone. Flora Dentistry is a Swiss dental implant center in Ho Chi Minh City with hundreds of implants annually.

Flora Dentistry offers a variety of implant pillars from leading countries in the dental industry in the world, typically many customers are interested in two types of implants from Switzerland: Implant Straumann and ImplantSwiss. Let’s find out more about the differences between these two types of pillars:

Implant Straumann

There is a compact design, minimum diameter should occupy only a very small volume in the jaw bone. This does not affect and encroach on the surrounding areas. At the same time the pillar design has a standard torsion ratio and a delicately treated surface, enhancing the attraction of bone cells. Help the bone integration process faster, with only 3 weeks left instead of 3 months – 6 months as before. The design is compact but straumann implant pillar is not fragile, but on the contrary extremely rigid to challenge time.

In addition, the high bearing of Straumann Implant also helps to provide challenging chewing experiences like real teeth.


ImplantSwiss is one of the top quality implants, with proven clinical evidence of superior results of ImplantSwiss. In particular, ImplantSwiss has many outstanding advantages in design such as: SRA surface, rough treatment with dual acid engraving technique. Perfectly simulates bone morphology.

The combined overall design has double lace that both cuts and dodges the bone, for better preliminary stability. Suitable for cases of spongy bones. In case the bones are good enough, ImplantSwiss can fully load and restore immediately. Solid Abutment connection, combining oblong and hexagonal hexa connections, resists the top Swiss rotation. Transfer the miniature pedestal is smaller than conventional implants, increasing the connective tissue surrounding the implant neck. At the same time, remove the micros in the neck implant area to prevent bacteria from entering. Bone integration time is only 3 weeks faster than other implants. Therefore, ImplantSwiss is the first choice of many customers although the price in the market is also relatively high.

At Flora Dentistry, we apply Swiss-standard Sophis 3D technology to implants with:

  • More than 60 years of research and development in Switzerland.
  • Link training a team of doctors specializing in implant proselytology according to Swiss standards.
  • Cooperation in the application of Swiss implant procedures and techniques.
  • Invest in equipment, machinery and upgrade facilities according to Swiss standards.

Flora Dentistry dental address dental implant Switzerland most prestigious, dedicated in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Address: 326 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.