In the market in Vietnam in particular and the world in general, there are many types of tru implants, but the most commonly used type of pillar today is Korean Implant pillar. Join Flora Dentistry to find out about this type of pillar in the article below.

Dentium Korea is a well-known, quality implant brand, and the cost of this implant is the most economical compared to other brands’ implants .

1. Dentium pillar structure

Korean Dentium implant titanium material is quite light and stable, biosecurity 100% in the oral cavity environment.

dentium implant pillar structure

Implant Pillar Korea has a design with special twists that accelerate the process of attracting bone cells, thereby quickly becoming a solid piece of hardware in the jaw bone.

2. Dentium pillar features

  • Having durability, safety, effective quality is not inferior to expensive implants.
  • Easily integrated with the jaw bone, usually only takes 2-3 months to solidly hold, after which it is possible to place a fixed porcelain crown to complete the dental implant process.
  • Prevent bone loss that can be used permanently.
  • Restoring aesthetics, improving chewing function, pronunciation … It’s like real teeth.

3. Advantages of Korean Implant Implants

  • Integration: Titanium material that makes up the pillar is very light with stability, although long-term use in the oral cavity environment is not modified. With its distinctive design, size and twists, the Korean pillar has the ability to integrate quickly with the jaw bone in different tooth loss locations. Therefore, it has the ability to prevent bone loss due to the loss of the root of the tooth as well as shorten the time to complete the implant.
  • Chewing bearing is as good as real teeth: The pillar achieves a very good solid durability and has high bearing capacity because it is made up of 100% titanium material without impurities. Therefore, after the restoration is completed, the pillar fully meets the role of chewing as standard as real teeth.
  • Long life: Dentium Korea has a long life expectancy not inferior to any implant of high-end brands originating from Europe. Korean implants can be used for life if implanted correctly and have a good oral care regimen.

Advantages of Korean implant pillars

4. Price list of Korean Dentium pillars at Flora Dentistry


Implant Type



Korea Pillar Quality Dentium Type

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However, to say that a type of implant is now the most popular customer at Flora dentistry is the headquarters of Switzerland because Swiss implants possess many outstanding advantages, exceeding the systems. Implants come from other brands such as: Variety of materials and shapes, the success rate of implants is almost 100%. The structure is very special, the surface is treated with SLActive (R) technology so that the process of bone integration is very fast.