Dental implants or implants are all good options for restoring lost teeth to ensure aesthetics as well as high durability. However, there are cases where dental implants cannot be completely overcome so where does the reason come from? Flora Dentistry will explain more thoroughly through the article below.

Every method of dental teething is good. Implants have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the dental condition as well as the economic conditions of each person, the dentist will advise the client to do the appropriate treatment.


1. Porcelain dental planting method

The biggest advantage in porcelain dental planting techniques is the ability to chew well, high aesthetics. The life of porcelain teeth can last from 10 to 20 years or come permanently if carefully cared for and dental hygiene. However, unlike implants, when performing this method, the dentist is forced to conduct a grinding of the teeth to make porcelain teeth. Because of grinding, the root of the tooth will be weaker than before, leading to the elbows are easily cracked, broken if the force is too strong.

Restoring missing teeth

The method of planting porcelain teeth only helps to fill the gap in tooth loss, not affect the jaw bone for a long time, the jaw bone will be destroyed leading to the phenomenon of gums, misaligned teeth, mingling … Over time, patients may have to spend more time and time to reassemile the new porcelain bridge to ensure their durability as well as chewing ability.

2. Implant Method

Similar to porcelain teeth, implants are the technique indicated for the loss of one or more teeth, the whole tooth. But the implant will remain independent inside the jaw bone, so there is no need for grinding nor damage to tooth tissue and helping to preserve the teeth to the maximum. Implants are the only method of restoring the missing stem and root based on the biological adhesion properties of titanium metal implanted into the jaw bone. As a result, the condition of dissuading the jaw bone after losing teeth will be effectively prevented.

cosmetic tooth loss treatment with dental implants

The life expectancy of implants can be from 10 years to permanent as porcelain teeth if the disease receives proper care and is not damaged. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost of implementation and the duration of implementation lasts for about 3-6 months.

In summary, implant methods have many advantages compared to porcelain teeth, higher treatment costs but long-term benefits. However, to be sure that the condition of your teeth is suitable for which method of dental planting, how much it costs, you should find a reputable dental address, visit, take a movie in accordance with the process. Your dentist will advise you on the method as well as the cost that suits your condition.