The invention of the IMPLANT-PENGUIN RFA device has took a small group of experts more than 20 years. Their perseverance resulted in a tool that considerably helps doctors handling implant cases. Let’s find out more about this machine’s capabilities with Flora dental in the article that follows.

1. Overview of Implant equipment – Penguin RFA

1.1 Manufacture Company

A group of engineers and dental implant specialists spent more than twenty years researching and developing Penguin RFA. They produced a product that reaches a new standard of clinical perfection by combining all of their experience, knowledge, and expert advice with the expertise of specialists from around the world.

Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB (IDSAB) was established in 2015 in response to the dental community’s need for an easily accessible ISQ measuring system. IDSAB is now the organization that manufactures and develops Implant devices, producing the best Penguin RFA in the world. The corporation is currently present all over the world, with headquarters in several nations including: Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, the United States, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, India, etc.

implant support equipment

1.2 Quickview about Implant equipment – Penguin RFA

The stability of the implant can be evaluated using this tool both immediately the following implantation and at later stages of the bone-integration process. From there, it enables medical professionals to quickly and accurately identify an implant’s status in the bone and to estimate the healing process.

2. Outstanding advantages of Implant equipment – Penguin RFA

The ISQ index is based on the bone density in the treatment area (shows the level of stability and the ability to integrate the bone of the Implant). Additionally, it is impacted by things like:

  • Implant technique
  • Implant design
  • Healing duration

Low or reduced ISQ implants typically have a higher failure rate than implants with high or increasing ISQs. A stable implant with little micromotion and an ISQ above 70 is typically advised for one-stage implant implantation and quick restoration.

The Implant Stability Meter – Penguin RFA will detect the vibration frequency and convert it into the corresponding ISQ index between 1 and 99. The procedure takes only a fraction of a second, is non-invasive, objective, and accurate, and can be repeated numerous times.

The restoration of teeth on implants is carried out precisely and perfectly with the active assistance of the Penguin RFA device. Make an Implant a complete success.

3. Device mechanism of operation

The system of operation is very quick, easy, and convenient for customers. After inserting MulTipeg into the Implant, the doctor will specifically point the device at the magnet on top of MulTipeg. The gadget will measure the vibration frequency and convert it into the relevant ISQ index between 1 and 99.

4. Is the Implant-Penguin RFA device available at Flora Dental?

Penguin RFA, an implant device, is currently installed at Flora Dental. Find out how important equipment is and how it influences treatment. To ensure that every customer to Flora Dental has the greatest experience possible, we will continue to make significant investments.

Hopefully, the facts from Flora Dental above have at least partially attracted your interest in learning more about the Penguin RFA implant device. You will then have a better understanding of the process of using implants to treat tooth loss. Contact Flora Dental Clinic at 028 7305 8999 to make an appointment with one of our specialists.