At an older age, the weaker the oral health, especially older people, the chance of losing teeth is very high, causing a great impact on daily eating function, making the body tired and affecting much psychologically. To overcome this situation, dental implants are the most effective method of replacing lost teeth. Are dental implants dangerous for older adults? Let’s read the article below.

Causes and consequences of tooth loss in the elderly

In older people, there is often a mass loss of teeth. The cause of tooth loss is usually due to old age, so resistance is poor. The bacteria that take advantage of attack and lead to dental diseases such as bad breath, cavities, periodontitis.

Besides, the soft tissue of the cheeks and gums of the elderly loses elasticity, causing the muscles to weaken, causing the teeth to be lost. Improper or inferred oral hygiene is also the cause of tooth loss in older adults.

Is dental implant dangerous for the elderly?
General examination for older adults before implants

The above causes will lead to consequences such as:

  • Limited chewing ability
  • Declining health
  • Difficulty communicating
  • It is more likely that jaw bone disspleuation leads to a faster deterioration of the face and aging.

Is dental implants dangerous for older adults?

This question is the question of many older aunts who are worried about the condition of their teeth as well as not having much knowledge about dental implants.. This technique It’s the best tooth restoration solution right now. However, to do this requires a lot of factors. In particular, the patient’s health and well-being are the determinants of the level of success and quality of healing after surgery.

Is dental implants dangerous for the elderly?
Is it dangerous to grow teeth for the elderly?

As the age gets older, the body’s resistance will decrease, and most of them will show signs or carry certain pathologies such as diabetes, high blood pressure, periodontal disease … These are all relative consesced in implant treatment. However, patients are still able to implant teeth after the treatment of the above pathologies, dental implants will no longer be dangerous.

What conditions do dental implants in the elderly require?

In addition to the patient’s stable condition, the jaw bone is a very important factor. The patient’s jaw bone is not destroyed, sufficient in size, ensuring solidity to be able to integrate with the implant pillar. For patients with jaw bone dissuage, bone graft surgery is required before implantation. The time it takes the jaw bone to recover after the transplant is 3-5 months.

The advantages of teething in older adults

  • Real teeth are not invasive.
  • Restoring chewing function like real teeth
  • High durability
  • Reduce jaw bone disspence
  • Good tooth restoration in case of losing one tooth or multiple teeth at the same time
  • Cleaning is easier than traditional removable dentures
  • Dental implants are highly aesthetic and look like real teeth
Is dental implants dangerous for the elderly?
Advantages of dental implants for older adults

Implant procedure for the elderly

Step 1:Check your dental condition before planning treatment.

Step 2:X-ray scans examine the structure of the jaw bone. If the jaw bone is destroyed, there will be a plan to transplant the bone before the transplant.

Step 3:Perform implant post.

Step 4:Check the force of impact on the implant pillar to ensure the firmness of the pillar.

Step 5: Make porcelain crowns and shoot them on top.

Step 6:Take care and re-examine periodically as directed by your doctor.

Is implanting teeth for the elderly dangerous?
Implant procedure for older adults

Where should dental implants be grown for the elderly?

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