What is Sinus Lift in Implant? Read the article below to learn about this specialized technique with Flora dentistry.

1. What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a technique implants. Supporting people who have lost their teeth for a long time, the bone will gradually dissipate causing the jaw sinuses to expand, putting pressure on the jaw bone. From there, the jaw bone is destroyed from the inside out. In order to fix the lost teeth, it is necessary to lift the sinuses to place the Implant teeth.

implant surgery
Sinus lift surgery

2. In which case you need to lift the sinuses to plant Implant teeth?

  • The upper jaw bone has not been destroyed too much. But the bone area is not enough to accommodate the implant.
  • People with congenitally thin jawbones are losing teeth and need to be restored by the method of dental implants
  • People who have lost their molars over a long period of time. Causes the jaw sinuses to put pressure on the upper jaw bone. Leading to the upper jaw bone being dissipated, enlarged, not eligible for dental implants.

3. Sinus lifting techniques in Implant

3.1. Open sinus lift

Open sinus lift is also known as sinus lift technique through the lateral window. Usually indicated in situations where there is a lot of bone deficiency, the remaining bone height is less than 3mm, the sinus bottom is not favorable such as roughness, adhesions, septum, fluid in the sinuses, sinusitis…

Open sinus lift in Implant

Implementation techniques: To lift the open sinuses, the surgeon will flip the gum flap, wide-open the gum flap and approach the front wall of the jaw sinuses, then use a specialized dental sinus lift surgical kit to punch a hole about 10mm in diameter, then proceed to remove the sinus membrane through this window and raise the bottom of the sinus. Then put the artificial bone into the sinus bottom area and sew it closed.

Advantage: Easy to manipulate and easy to control the bottom of the sinuses, however it has the disadvantage of a wide degree of invasiveness so often swollen pain after the exercise.

3.2. Closed sinus lift

Closed sinus lift is simpler, also known as sinus lift technique through the implant placement. Usually applied to cases where the remaining bone height is from 4 to 8mm. The bottom of the maxillary sinus is favorable, there are no risk factors such as sinusitis, sinus septum or sinus adhesions….

Lifting closed sinuses in Implant

Technique performed: To lift the sinuses closed, after drilling the hole to place the foot of the implant. Your doctor will use a specialized dental sinus lift kit that removes the sinus membrane from the bottom of the sinuses. Then put the artificial bone through this hole and place the implant pillar right in one appointment. When raising the base of the sinuses, the doctor may also not need a bone graft if the elevation is small.

Advantage: Less invasive should limit pain swelling. However, it is a “blind” technique that requires great experience and ingenuity of the surgeon. Closed sinus lift if not well controlled can lead to perforation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus.

There are separate designated boundary areas between closed lifting and open lifting. Doctors will always try to give patients the most gentle and economical solutions. Increasingly, the indications of closed sinus lift technique are more and more extensive.

Thus, the open lift method must open the bone in one place and place the implant in another, creating 2 surgical wounds. As for the closed lifting method, combine the implant drill hole to lift the sinus membrane.

4. Notes after performing sinus lift

Sinus lift is a minor surgery performed prior to implant placement. After lifting the sinuses, it will take time for the wound to heal completely. Then you can implant an implant. Patients should be careful not to affect wounds causing tearing, mucositis such as:

  • Touching the wound
  • Eating foods that contain a lot of acids infects wounds

After lifting the sinuses for 2-3 months, the patient also needs to limit sharp sneezing. Try to be as gentle as possible. Do not use straws, do not spit. In addition, limit to areas prone to pressure changes such as air travel, scuba diving. Or do work that takes a lot of work. Because the above actions are at risk of leading to damage to the sinus membrane.

Hopefully, the above information from Flora Dentistry has helped readers understand more about the technique of sinus lift before implants. For further examination and advice on dental implant services, please contact us immediately via the hotline 02873058999!