Neodent Straumann Implant Pillar is the high-end product line of Straumann (Switzerland) of the world’s No. 1 implant company. Neodent Straumann is one of the implants with an almost absolutely high success rate of 99.7% that is trusted by many dentists. The following article Flora Dentistry will give us a better understanding of the characteristics and price of neodent implants.

1. Outstanding characteristics of Swiss Neodent Implant

  • The implant pillar surface is a Neodent Aqua watercolonx surface that offers higher access to organic fluids, thereby helping the implant pillar have good integration in biological environments (blood, tissues, skeletal system).
  • SLA type treatment surface (Sandblastes, Large Grit, Acid-etched): This is the implant surface type for superior bone integration. Because the implant will integrate better and faster even in cases of low density and bone count.
  • The Abutment coupling has a very strong and stable connection to the implant pillar. This helps to provide lifetime durability and stability, challenging time.

neo-dent implant structure

2. Benefits of Dental Implant Neodent Straumann

Neo-dent Implant Pillar Benefits

2.1: Peace of mind for permanent use

It is the ability to integrate the jaw bone so that the duration of use of neodent straumann implants exists permanently in the jaw bone. With the perfect design, there are often no problems such as loss of implant connection with Abutment, implant cylinder fracture, Abutment rupture.

2.2: Fast Treatment Time

For conventional implants that take 4-6 months for implants to integrate with jaw bone, Neodent Straumann only takes 6-8 weeks. Due to the design of the implant pillar Acqua technology and SLA treatment helps the implant integrate the jaw bone faster, from which the treatment time becomes very fast and convenient.

2.3: Neodent Straumann implants are suitable for most types of client’s bones

Outstanding jaw bone integration characteristics, suitable for compatibility with many types of bones, especially in case of permanal tooth loss with jaw bone dissipated, advanced age, poor bone density … You can still grow good teeth, even in difficult cases.

2.4: Improve chewing function and high aesthetics

After implanting teeth Neodent Straumann’s chewing function is almost the same as real teeth because it is compatible with jaw bones, soft tissues and biosynthist intervals immediately after implantation to bring aesthetic effect, helping patients to be fully confident in their activities.

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