Many people wonder what is special about Implantswiss that occupies the reputation of choice from customers when coming to Flora dentistry. So let’s find out the article below for answers.

There are many implant brands on the market today, however. Dental Implant Pillar Switzerland has a reputation for choosing from customers because it is produced with advanced, modern technology, diverse design and is considered the best quality in the world.

1. What’s so special about Straumann implants and Swiss implantswiss?

Straumann Implant Switzerland is a high-end implant produced by Straumann Group (Basel – Switzerland). This is the world’s leading dental group with more than 50 years of experience. Straumann implants are highly regarded by experts around the world and are used in more than 70 countries because of its many outstanding properties. At Flora Dentistry, there are many lines of Straummann Implants: Straummann SLA Implant, Straummann SLActive Implant.

Implantswiss Is the high-end implant line behind Straumann Implant but the quality is not inferior to the previous generation but also has many outstanding characteristics along with the outstanding innovation that customers now prefer because the price is softer than straumann implant. In addition, Implantswiss is also confirmed to be a good material only after your jaw bone.

Implantswiss from Switzerland – THE BEST MATERIAL ONLY AFTER YOUR JAW BONE.

  • The Implantswiss system is based in Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland, which has been dubbed the “cradle of the world’s dental industry”, the most powerful development in implants manufacturing and manufacturing technology. The clinical evidence has proven the superior treatment results of Swiss Implantswiss, thanks to the superior design of other implants such as: SRA surface, rough treatment with dual acid engraving technique, perfectly simulates bone morphology.
  • The combined overall design has double lace that both cuts and compresses the bone, for better preliminary stability, suitable for even spongy bone cases. In cases where the bones are good enough, Implantswiss can fully load and restore immediately.
  • Solid abutment connection, combining oblong and hexa (hexa) connections against the top Swiss rotation.
  • Transfer the miniature pedestal to the normal implants, increase the connective tissue surrounding the implant neck, and remove the micros in the neck area of the implant to prevent bacteria from entering.

2. Difference of Straummann SLA Implant, Straummann SLActive Implant, Implantswiss.

2.1 Implant Straummann SLA

The SLA surface produces macro roughness on the titanium surface. This is followed by acid corrosion that produces microscopic roughness. With such a surface would be an environment, an ideal contact for bone cells to cling to.

Dental implant structure

Many clinical and preclinical studies have evaluated the easy, stable, effective bone integration of SLA surfaces as the most effective of the implant pillars.

2.2 Implant Straummann SLActive

Developed with SLActive technology, Straumann Implant with a surface covered with biofilms capable of water activity increases the success rate, easy to transplant with jaw bone so it is likely to be applied to most cases of tooth loss.

implant pillar surface

Recent studies show that Straumann SLActive implants are extremely effective even in cases of severe tooth loss and damaged health.

2.3 Straumann Implant – Breakthrough structure thanks to SLActive technology

Straumman implant pillars are made of pure titamium material is a safe, highly bio-compatible material.

With the breakthrough thanks to slactive technology carefully researched surface Implant Straumman can quickly integrate bones, shortening the treatment process fastest of all implant brands other than the market.

The advantages of Straumann implants in general

  • Breakthrough technology saves maximum dental time
  • Long life span for life
  • Follow a chewing diet like real teeth

Advantages of straumann implant pillar

2.4 What are the characteristics of implantswiss?

  • High precision, comprehensive tooth protection: Implantswiss surface made of high technique can perfectly simulate bone morphology, while removing microsorganisms that prevent bacteria from entering
  • Compatible quickly, quickly heal wounds: Body-friendly users are highly biocomputed, so Implantswiss can fully load and restore instantly.
  • Permanent durability: With outstanding hardness and bearing, Implantswiss possesses high durability, ensuring the full function of chewing, feeling food like real teeth.

Features of implantswiss

3. Dental Implant Services at Flora Dentistry

3.1. Dental planting process

Step 1. General examination, CT Cone Beam 3D film and treatment regimen

At Flora Dentistry you will get a completely free CT scan, after which your doctor will show you your current dental condition on the regimen and your doctor will advise the appropriate course.

Step 2: Implant Implant

To ensure hygiene for the transplant process, the doctor will conduct thorough oral hygiene. The doctor will then calculate the act of anesthesia, ensuring smoothness during the procedure.

The doctor will calculate the implant’s implant into the jaw bone that matches the position that has been set in the pre-existing 3D chart.

Step 3: Attach Healing to guide gum tissue

Healing is usually attached immediately after implant implants that help the tissue of the gums grow around the area adjacent to the crown and the pillar.

Step 4: Attach Abutment and Porcelain Crown

After the implant has been firmly integrated with the jaw bone, the doctor will use Abutment to connect the implant pillar and the porcelain crown.

3.2. How to take care of teeth after Straumann dental implants

Customers make sure to have regular check-ups according to the doctor’s appointment to monitor the best results. When the client visits the doctor to assess the current oral health status, make sure the client has taken proper care and also to help the life of the implant up to life.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you better understand why Swiss implants are so chosen by many customers. Wishing you an enjoyable day when you come to use the service at Flora Dentistry.