General dental treatment today is being focused by many people, not only that, according to experts, each person should have a minimum of 2 times a year.

A general dental examination is a routine check of the general oral health status to timely detect pathologies or problems of each person’s oral health. Through follow-up, the doctor will know in advance the condition of the patient’s oral health to what extent from which to specify treatments to have healthy teeth, eat well and ensure aesthetics.

General dental treatment services
General Dental Doctor

General dental treatment services at Flora

At Flora Dentistry, dental treatment services are applied for many years, directly performed by a team of highly specialized doctors, many years of experience in the examination and treatment of dental diseases. Flora dental treatment services include:

  • Periodic care
  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Myeloid treatment
  • Fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Shaved tooth lime

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The importance of general dental treatment

The daily process of chewing will have a direct impact on the teeth. If the care and hygiene of the teeth is not good, it will cause problems such as tooth decay, plaque, periodontitis, gingivitis. Therefore, general treatment will be the step to find the cause and detect dental problems, from which the doctor will provide timely treatments, avoiding the condition becoming dangerous and affecting the patient’s health.

Besides, in any other treatment, a general dental examination is the first but extremely important step. If the patient subjectively ignores this and proceeds to treatment immediately, it will be difficult to understand the exact condition, extent and problem to be solved, not only affecting the results of treatment but also leaving risks and complications later on for the patient.

How long should I go to the dentist once?

According to experts, children and adults should be checked at least once every 6 months. People at greater risk for dental diseases such as smoking, pregnant women, and diabetics should go to the dentist for more frequent checkups.

General treatment services
Regular dental check-ups for dental health

Why to have a general dental exam at Flora Dentistry

General dental examination is a basic technique that any dentist or doctor can perform and perform. However, to get safe treatment results, without causing complications later is not easy. Flora Dentistry with many years of experience in researching, examining and treating dental diseases has been trusted by many customers and selected as a prestigious and quality general dental visit address.



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