Long-term tooth loss if not recovered in time will leave many harmful effects on aesthetics and oral health. This will cause the jaw muscle to occur bone loss, deform the face and will make you mingy. Dental implants are the best solution in helping you restore lost teeth. Join Flora to refer to the article below so that you can make the best decision.

Dental implants
(or implants) are a method that not only restores the crown but also has the ability to restore the root of the tooth to help prevent the loss of the jaw bone that other techniques have not been able to overcome. This is the most comprehensive method of tooth recovery today. The method is applicable to all cases: Loss of molars, incisors, or the entire jaw.

At Flora Dentistry, we are currently applying Sophis 3D implant technology, which is a Swiss standard method with more than 60 years of research and development. With this method, we have helped more than 1000 customers recover lost teeth with the same chewing quality as real teeth.


Implant in dentistry is a cylindrically elongated shape, made of titanium of high purity. It has the effect of replacing the lost root, which serves as a support for a new restoration such as porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges or dentures. From there, it is possible to restore teeth that have lost one or more, continuously or intermittently. Implants with a not-so-smooth surface, capable of attracting bone cells, fully integrated into the jaw bone, are firm and stable.

The implant consists of three main parts:

    • Implant Pillar
    • Abutment coupling
    • Porcelain crowns.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants


    • Implant Price List

Before many dentists and many different implant lines on the market, what is the most financially suitable and secure option for you?

For dental implants, the factors that every patient is interested in include: the doctor performing, implant technology, the quality of the implant pillar and the price of implant implants. The first three factors are also the components that make up the price of dental implants. Instead of looking for a cheap place, do your research before making a decision. A reputable address that fully meets the criteria of safety, quality, efficiency and financial fit is the perfect place to perform dental implants.


    • Dental Implants Paid at Flora Dentistry

In Vietnam, 7 out of 10 adults will lose one or more teeth. Some people are still living with prolonged tooth loss, leaving many consequences such as: jaw bone loss, mouth shape, the remaining teeth are skewed … But not everyone is eligible to recover lost teeth by implant. Therefore, at Flora Dentistry, we apply the 0% interest installment program with many utilities:

  • Credit card installments – supporting more than 23 banks in Vietnam
  • 0% interest rate
  • No instaltal charges
  • No upfront requests
  • Customers have the option of installment term: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.
0% installment payment
0% interest instalm installment


Dental implants
are a method of restoring missing teeth that have been widely used in advanced countries around the world for a long time. However, in Vietnam in recent years, this method of restoring missing teeth has been noticed and interested by many people. Traditional dental restoration methods such as porcelain bridge installation (one or several teeth are lost), removable jaws are chosen by many people because of their cheap cost. However, there are still weaknesses:

    • Affects the unseaten teeth (small grinding must be honed).
    • Jaw bone fades.
    • The use time is not long.
    • It is easy to get inflammation of the gums and spread to nearby teeth.
    • The force of non-scattered chewing bites throughout the jaw brings discomfort in eating.

Therefore, implants are the best solution for dental restoration. The method can overcome the above disadvantages with outstanding advantages:

    • Suitable for any case of tooth loss.
    • The implant pillar integrates 100% into the jaw bone like a real root of the tooth.
    • It does not affect the nearby teeth.
    • Preventing the occurrence of jaw bone disspade.
    • The force of bite, chewing evenly on the jaw helps you get the best eating experience.
    • Time spent for life.

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Implant procedure


Not all implants are created the same. Implant pillars are distinguished by: origin, design, surface treatment, bone integration time. At Flora Dentistry, we are proud to be partners of the world’s leading implant companies. The best quality implants used at Flora Dentistry can be mentioned as:

– Implantswiss – Switzerland –

Implant Straumann – Switzerland –

Implant Tekka – France

– Dentium Implant – USA – Dentium Implant – Korea

Types of dental implants
Types of Dental Implants
    • Learn in detail about the outstanding features of implants at Flora Dentistry
    • Find out the cost of implants at Flora Dentistry


Flora Dentistry
, we apply 3D Sophis technology according to Swiss standards to implants:

    • More than 60 years of research and development in Switzerland.
    • Link training team of doctors specializing in implant proselytology according to Swiss standards.
    • Cooperation in the application of Swiss implant procedures and techniques.
    • Invest in equipment, machinery and upgrade facilities according to Swiss standards.

3D Sophis Dental Technology

5.1 Sophis 3D Dental Implant Technology meets extremely strict 3D gold standards.

    • Diagnostic – Accurate diagnosis

Thanks to the effective support of the Cone Beam CT imaging system, accuracy is always guaranteed in the pre-treatment diagnosis. CT Cone Beam produces a sharp 3-dimensional image of tooth tissue, soft tissue, indicating the correlation of jawbone, sinuses and nerves. Based on which the doctor can calculate the size, the size of the implant is suitable for the bone socket. It is easy to know in advance the time of the transplant and the results of future prose.

High-tech dental implants with CT Cone Beam machine at Flora Dentistry

High-tech dental implants with CT Cone Beam machine at Flora Dentistry

    • Diagram – Up a detailed treatment regimen

Treatment regimens are an important factor in the success of each implant. A detailed treatment regimen will need to include: the restoration plan, the number and location of the implant, the classification and size of the implant, the indication of sinus lift bone graft if any, the step-by-step procedure, the inpathic method will be applied. Thanks to the detailed regimen, the patient can be completely assured. The whole process is clearly planned, done without error.

    • Delimited – Limited – Non-Invasive

Implant techniques are relatively complex. The technique requires the doctor to perform must have high levels of qualifications and in-depth experience. In the past, the implant surgery process had many limitations and risks when having to separate the gums to determine the implant placement. At the same time, implants are quite complicated. For Sophis 3D dental implant technology, each doctor’s operation will be 100% accurate. Meet 2 steps Diagnostic (correct diagnosis) and Diagram (up the detailed treatment regimen). The implant pillar is inserted into the jaw bone according to the position. This has been calculated, non-invasive and shortens the healing time, bone integration.

Swiss Standard Sophis 3D Technology

Swiss Standard Sophis 3D Technology

5.2 Sophis 3D Dental Implant Technology Ensures Absolute Sophistication

    • Sophisticated on implant surface: Rapid bone integration in 3 weeks.
    • Sophisticated in implant’s power transmission design: For a chewing experience that challenges real teeth.
    • Sophisticated in implant alignment: Implant life to a lifetime, time-defying.

5.3 Sophis Dental Implant Technology Has Many Outstanding Advantages

    • The surgery is 15 minutes per implant.
    • Application of advanced pain control system.
    • Accelerate the recovery process with a PRF grafting solution.
    • Good for 7 days.
    • Complete bone integration time in 3 weeks.
    • The experience of chewing, which feels like real teeth.
    • Suitable for cases of missing teeth, loss of teeth.
    • Safe – durable for life.

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    • Step 1: General examination, CT Cone Beam 3D scan and up treatment regimen

CT Cone Beam 3D

scan to assess the condition of jaw bone, soft tissue, nerve correlation to indicate bone graft or sinus augmentation or not.

A hypothetical prosthetic is performed on a computer. Accurate calculation of implant location and size, preview of the results of restoration. From there, the treatment regimen is personalized according to each specific patient case.

    • Step 2: Implant Implant

The oral cavity will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a sterile environment for the transplant process. The doctor will then perform anesthesia, insempathetic, ensuring smoothness throughout the procedure.

The doctor performs dental implants, inserting the implant pillar into the jaw bone that matches the position calculated during the pre-simulated 3D restoration process. It usually takes 15-30 minutes per pillar depending on the case.

Sophis 3D implant procedure

Sophis 3D implant procedure

    • Step 3: Attach Healing to guide gum tissue

Healing is a detail that is integrated into the implant pillar. Healing is responsible for guiding the tissue of the gums that grow around the adjacent area between the crown and the pillar. Healing is usually attached immediately after the implant. However, depending on the condition of bone integration and according to the patient’s body, if the integration time is not fast, Healing will be attached later.

    • Step 4: Attach Abutment and Porcelain Crown

The implant after implant takes a period of 3 weeks to 3 months to be fully integrated with the jaw bone. It feels like a real replacement tooth.

After the bone integration process is complete, Abutment and porcelain crowns will be attached, completing the dental implant procedure. At this time, the new tooth will have the same chewing and aesthetic function as real teeth.

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    • Step 5: Postoperative care and regular check-ups

Dietary instructions and how to take care of your teeth after surgery. Regular check-ups according to the doctor’s appointment to monitor the results of the ordation. At the same time, assess the state of oral health, ensure proper care to help the life of the implant up to life.


Lost teeth can now be restored with the same aesthetics and chewing function as real teeth. It’s the best effect that dental implants can have.

Flora Dentistry applies Sophis 3D dental implant technology according to Swiss standards with more than 60 years of research and development, restoring lost teeth with the same chewing quality as real teeth for more than 1000 customers in the past year. Let’s take a look back at what customers have shared after experiencing Sophis 3D dental implant technology:

customer dental implant method

THANH PHUONG CUSTOMER – Swiss Straumann Implant Prose

Customer Thanh Phuong – “Sometimes when you are eating you forget that you have planted teeth, the chewing feeling is very real. She is completely satisfied with the quality of implants, services and doctor qualifications in Flora. This will also be a reliable address for you to take care of your teeth. Thank you, doctors.”

Ngoc Hiep Customer – “I was surprised that the doctor didn’t hurt as much as I thought. I did a lot of research to choose Flora dentistry. Now eating well, smiling, I don’t think I made the wrong choice..”



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