FLORA DENTISTRY – The origin of the first “smooth” dental solutions.

Flora is Latin for flower – a symbol of beauty and lightness. The beauty that Flora Dental aims to here is the perfect beauty that comes from a smile. We are proud to be known by our customers as “smooth dentistry” – the first painless dental solution provider in Ho Chi Minh City. Overcoming all disadvantages of outdated technology of other dentists on the market, at Flora, treatment methods are constantly being researched and innovated. In particular, gently from space to each action of the doctor, bringing completely new experiences to customers: Going to Nha Khoa – as gentle and relaxing as going to a Spa. At Flora Dentistry, millions of perfect smiles have been created after many complex dental cosmetic procedures each year.

Flora Dentistry – the place to pursue perfection comes from the smile – “Perfect smile – Perfect you”.


Welcome enthusiastic, attentive customers
Guide customers to take care of specific oral care
Genuine warranty, accurate commitment
Put efficiency and quality first.