How does teeth whitening work? Please find out less about effective and safe teeth whitening service at Flora Dentistry

Besides porcelain teeth, teeth whitening It is currently the most information-seeking teeth whitening service. This is a solution to help each customer’s smile more graceful and the face become brighter. Along with you, Flora Dentistry offers two of the most effective methods today:
Bleach with a medicine trough at home
with plasma light technology at the dentist.


Due to tooth lime

Lime teeth (tartar) formed by daily eating activities. These patches of lime cling around the teeth, causing your teeth to dull. Not only that, teeth also cause bad breath.

Fluoride infection

Fluoridation is a substance that helps to strengthen the teeth. This mineral helps strengthen bones as well as prevent tooth decay. However, consuming too much fluoride harms your own teeth, causing yellowing of your teeth. This substance is usually present in:

  • Domestic water
  • Toothpaste
  • Food..

Due to weakened tooth enamel

Our regular teeth have a layer of dentin on the inside of the enamel, which plays a role in bringing touch to the teeth. This layer of dentin is yellow ivory as its name implies. As the enamel wears out, weakens, the exposed dentin makes your teeth look yellow. Not only that, but you will often experience tooth loss.

Due to the use of many antibiotics.

Tetracycline antibiotics (commonly used in previous generations) are also the cause of yellow teeth. Often antibiotic-infected teeth are gray, brown, red,..

Use of colored food.

Commonly found foods such as carbonated water, coffee, soft drinks, spice sauces, vinegar, fruit wine,…

And there are many other reasons,….



Cases of consecing you should know:

  • Children under the age of 13
  • It’s in the process of braces.
  • Being damaged tooth structure such as: chipping, cavities, ….
  • Antibiotic color contamination of grade 3.4 is too dark
  • Fluor infection accompanied by a minimum of tooth enamel and dentin
  • And some other cases will be consulted directly by the doctor at the dentist.

In these cases, if you still want to have a bright white teeth, it is recommended to cover the aesthetic porcelain teeth.

Refer to Porcelain Dental Upholstery Service


Bleaching with a drug trough at home

The materials used in this method:

  • Drug troughs: made up of soft plastic material, safe in dentistry. The doctor will take a sample of the client’s teeth and fabricate them into a tooth trough to keep the medicine on the tooth for a specified period of time. You can use this method at home.
  • Bleach

Normally, every day you will wear a bleaching trough for about 2 hours, continuously that procedure for 1-2 weeks depending on (the condition of your teeth), the coloring on the teeth will be removed.


Teeth whitening with a lamp at the dentist

For bleaching in the dentistry, the doctor will use oxidizing bleach. The oxidation of the drug will take place faster under the influence of lasers, plasma or LEDs. Therefore, it only takes about 1 hour to complete the teeth whitening process instead of 1-2 weeks as the method of using the medicine trough at home.

The dental procedure will include the following steps:

  • Oral hygiene: Your dental area will be cleaned, before bleaching.
  • The outside of the teeth will be covered with a 2mm thick bleach. All teeth are illuminated with plasma lamps. A bleaching procedure will shine a lamp 2-3 times depending on the condition of the teeth, each time has a time of 15-20 minutes as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Wipe the bleach with cotton swabs. Then wash with water, polish, replenish the ion.

Combination of whitening at home and at the dentist

For the most optimal bleaching results, many customers have chosen a combination of these two methods. Accordingly, the client will conduct bleaching at the dentist first. Then wear a bleaching trough at home for 1-2 weeks to ensure the color of the teeth is whitened for longer.

The first time after completing the course, customers should limit the use of food that is too hot or too cold. Colored foods also make your teeth quickly stain again.


    • Modern technology, no harm to tooth enamel

With plasma light bleaching technology, with just 1h of teeth you can white 4-8 tones depending on the cause of your teeth are ivory.

Plasma lamps are light that stimulates the oxidation of bleach, helping the bleaching process to take place faster. Therefore, it does not harm your teeth at all.

    • Take good care after the procedure.

After the teeth whitening process, customers will be added ions to avoid teeth damage to help protect teeth absolutely.

    • Convenient combo package

Flora Dentistry brings 02 convenient combo packages for customers:

Perfect WhiteningSuper Whitening


– Shave the lime teeth

– Bleaching teeth at home with a medicine trough


– Shave the lime teeth

– Bleach teeth with lights at the dentist

– Bleaching teeth at home with a medicine trough

1.499.000 VND2.499.000 VND




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