10 things Experts recommend when performing braces, orthodontic

Braces help you take precautions, ensuring that braces are safe and effective. So what are the braces recommendations you should know to prepare braces?

1. Learn thorough advice on appropriate braces

Before braces you should look to the dentist for advice on the right braces method. Currently, there are 2 common braces : transparent braces and braces.

Recommended braces and transparent braces
Recommended braces and transparent braces
  • Transparent braces are the most modern method of braces today. Braces are carried out simply by wearing transparent braces that hug the teeth closely and perform orthodontics. This is a pain-less orthodontic method and shortens the brace time. Not only that, it also ensures aesthetics, easy to remove hygiene and know the results of braces in advance,
  • Braces are orthodontic treatments by using metal braces or porcelain braces to attach to the front or inner surface of the teeth, and using a bow cord to create moving traction and arrange the teeth according to the position outlined earlier. This is a fixed and slightly painful brace method every time you squeeze your teeth.

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2. Prestigious and quality dental selection

Braces are a long process and must ensure high accuracy. If there are flaws in the brace process can lead to early tooth loss, gum loss, gingivitis,… Therefore, before starting the braces process, you should find out the information and choose reputable dental addresses with a skilled doctor.

3. Understand orthodontic, braces not only because of appearance

Teeth are beautiful and improve appearance. But in reality, orthodontically doesn’t just have such a purpose. Orthodontic is a specialized branch in dentistry with the goal of adjusting the teeth back in the right direction and in the right position to improve chewing ability and bring a better smile to people with teeth that grow misaligned, shoved, crowded or wrong bites. Therefore, before performing braces, it is necessary to examine and evaluate the condition of the teeth to ensure the results of braces.

4. Persevere in accordance with the dentist’s procedure when performing braces

Braces are a long process that requires the monitoring and adjustment of the doctor with braces. There are many cases where customers are conducting orthodontists but do not go to the doctor to re-examine and adjust their teeth according to the doctor’s instructions, leading to the teeth “running” around, unstable affecting the brace route. Therefore, to limit the dental recommendations, you should go to the doctor’s prescription.

The doctor proceeds to attach the braces to start the braces process
The doctor proceeds to attach the braces to start the braces process

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5. Psychological preparation when teeth need to be removed when braces

In some cases, braces need to be removed for braces to be effective. Cases where teeth need to be removed such as:

  • Teeth are heavy: the part of the tooth that comes out or indents too much. For braces, the doctor will need to remove the teeth to create space for the teeth to move back to the position that is more suitable for the bite and aesthetics.
  • Teeth grow messy, teeth grow crowded
  • Wisdom tooth extraction (tooth no. 8). During the diagnosis, if you notice that wisdom teeth are dangerous for customers, your doctor will order them to remove them to make the braces process work best.

6. Know the note of proper dental care when braces, orthodontic

When you have braces, you need to take proper care of your teeth. Keeping your teeth clean will keep your teeth healthy, limiting braces recommendations such as cavities, yellow teeth, gingivitis or periodontitis. Besides hygiene regimen you should also note to limit eating foods that are too tough because it is easy to affect the results of braces.

It is recommended that braces be cleaned properly during braces.
It is recommended that braces be cleaned properly during braces.

7. Know how to handle common problems with transparent braces and braces

  • For braces. After attaching the brace you will feel uncomfortable, however if the sensitivity lasts more than 3 days without remission you should visit the dentist. In addition, in cases of liquid or broken braces due to brushing too strongly or chewing, biting hard food you should go to the dentist to be corrected in time.
  • For transparent braces can increase salivation or dry mouth or cause discomfort in the first few days when wearing. This is a normal sign for the jaw to get used to the tray, but if the condition persists you should go to the dentist for a check-up as soon as possible.

8. Diet when performing braces

When braces you should take dietary notes to ensure braces results:

  • Limit hard foods during braces
  • Choose soft, easy-to-chew foods such as dairy foods, fish, eggs,…
  • The shifting teeth are often weak and do not tolerate irritation, so hot and cold foods are easy to cause pain and pain, so it should be limited.
  • Limit eating foods that are high in sugar or colored because it can cause tooth decay or disco in areas where teeth are not exposed to braces due to calcium loss.

9. Wear maintenance jaws after braces

Wearing the jaw maintained after braces helps the teeth stabilize, limiting the condition of running teeth to the original position. According to experts for people with braces at a young age, it is recommended to maintain the jaw for about 3 months, while in cases of braces in middle age should wear the jaw to maintain for at least 1 year.

It is recommended to wear a maintenance function to ensure the result of braces
It is recommended to wear a maintenance function to ensure the result of braces

10. Personal habits that need to be adjusted during braces

Biting pens and smoking are common habits in both adults and children that we often think are harmless. But in fact, it damages the stable history of the molars, gums and teeth the more likely it is to become sensitive and discolored. As for biting pens and fingers, braces can fall even easily out of the position that needs adjustment without our knowledge. Therefore, when you have braces, you should limit these bad habits.

Understanding braces recommendations helps you maintain more stable and healthy molars, aesthetics and preserved tooth health. And don’t forget that FLora dentistry is one of the prestigious brace dental addresses. Contact Flora Dentistry via hotline
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