Customer health is directly impacted by aseptic hygiene. Aseptic hygiene is constantly provided at Flora Dental Clinic in order to prevent any kind of infection.

1. Absolutely aseptic system at Flora Dental

Aseptic sanitation is constantly given a high priority at Flora Dental Clinic. To bring the most secure and effective results from Flora’s cosmetic procedures, such as an implant, porcelain restoration, or gummy smile treatment. The system of equipment is directly imported from Europe and complies with the strict criteria of the International Dental Association. Include:

  • Class B Anthos A17 AutoclaveSterilizer 

Class B Anthos A17 Autoclave Sterilizer satisfy Class B standard (EN 13060), which is the Italian requirement for premium sterilizers. Anthos steamers eliminate the drawbacks of the previous steamers because they were developed and produced using the most cutting-edge technology. Utilizing three vacuum test cycles, or vacuum testing, a vacuum pump is used to completely remove air from various objects, including the sterilization chamber, packed packaging, empty tools and tool boxes, etc. This allows the steam to freely circulate and penetrate the surface of all types of instruments, completing the sterilization process.

  • Millseal Anthos Packing Machine

Dental instruments in Vietnam are often stored in an ultraviolet cabinet following sterilization. However, the earlier sterilizing effect will not be guaranteed by ultraviolet irradiation at this time. Instruments are sterilized at Flora Dental Clinic, then packed using a Millseal Anthos packaging machine before being sent to the sterilization step to fulfill international sterility standards. The sterility and safety of the instrument can only be guaranteed in this method.

After packing, instruments can be kept for up to 3 months for a single pack and 5 months for two layers.

  • Ultraviolet Cabinet

In order to preserve, sterilize, and sterilize bacteria, ultraviolet cabinets are a vital tool in dental safety requirements. The ultraviolet cabinet system at Flora Dental complies with ISO 9001-2000, CE, GOST regulations,… Bacteria cannot develop because the internal ultraviolet light, which has a wavelength range of 200 to 300 nanometers, breaks down nucleic acids. High-quality UV cabinet with safety cabinet door, 100% UV rays filtered. This characteristic will shield both the dentist and the patient from the damaging impacts of harmful radiation.

2. Safe standard instruments in an aseptic process at Flora Dental

One of the most crucial issues in hospitals and medical facilities is “contagion.” Most equipment in the dental clinic will be reused. As a result, the risk of infection will be very significant in the lack of thorough sterilization and strict adherence to established standards.

The Flora Dental Clinic uses a sterile procedure of instruments in accordance with the stringent criteria of the Vietnam and International Dental Association to prevent infection and ensure complete hygiene.

Step 1 : Sort garbage and tools

Tools that are only used once include cups, straws, masks, bonding brushes, needles, surgical blades, and surgical needles. Each patient will only use the aforementioned instruments once before being completely annihilated.

Handpiece set, ultrasonic scaler head, dental filling tool, pliers, tooth extractor, implant set, etc. are all reusable instruments. With some restrictions, these are reusable tools. The condition must fully comply with the following “Step 2” aseptic cleaning requirements.

Step 2 : Disinfection

Instruments should be submerged for 15 minutes in a 0.5% Hexanious disinfection solution.

Step 3 : Clean

Tools should be soap-washed, rinsed, and dried.

Step 4 : Package

Pack equipment in specific medical packing.

Step 5 : Pasteurize

Within 54 minutes, sterilize using a class B Anthos autoclave at 134 degrees C.

Step 6 : Preserve

Reuse instruments after storing them in an ultraviolet cabinet.

3. Sanitizing the treatment area, machinery, and equipment to maintain health

The treatment room, equipment, and assured equipment hygiene at Flora Dental Clinic completely control the infection problem. Consists of:

  • The treatment room’s floors and surfaces are cleaned with soap and water.
  • Following each procedure, Caviicide solution is sprayed across all examination seats. Then use a dry cloth to clean.
  • A unique set of handpieces and inspection tools is used for each client.

Additionally, the medical personnel at Flora Dental Clinic, including the doctors, strictly adheres to the following five hand-washing procedures:

  1. Before contacting the patient
  2. Before performing treatment procedures
  3. After exposure to bodily fluids
  4. After contact with the patient
  5. After contact with objects around the patient

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, the hand-washing procedure complies with all 6 steps and should last a minimum of 30 seconds.

Additionally, Flora Dental constantly emphasizes training and educating staff members about infection control. We regularly update the most recent knowledge on newly emerging infectious diseases in addition to our fundamental knowledge to ensure the highest level of safety for our clients’ health. The main standard at Flora Dental Clinic is “Beautiful smile – Golden health.” For questions, please inbox the fanpage for Flora Dental Clinic or call the hotline at 028 7305 8999.