Daily dental care for children is the primary concern of parents. In fact, the earlier you take care of your teeth, the better, cleaner, and more beautiful your teeth are for children of the same age. The following is advice from the dentist at Flora Dentistry for daily dental care.

Limit eating sweets before going to bed.

Parents should refrain from giving their babies sweets before going to bed, as these foods contain a lot of sugar that will cause cavities for the baby. This is the first of the tips from the dentist for dental care for the child.

Advise your child not to drink ice.

At the age of 3-5 years, children will love to drink water as well as chew ice, cold things will cause children to have sore throat leading to sore throat, bronchitis. Therefore, parents limit and advise children not to drink ice water as well as eat cold food a lot.

Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth twice a day.

Parents should practice and guide their children to brush their teeth twice a day, two mornings in the evening combined with flossing to remove the leftover food that is stuck to their teeth.

Choice of toothbrush, toothpaste

Children are often afraid to brush their teeth because they feel uncomfortable when something is inserted into their mouth. The choice of toothbrush has many shapes like animals, color as a type of toy baby will be more interesting. Regarding toothpaste, parents should choose reputable brands, with many fruit flavors such as Strawberry, orange, apple to create excitement and aroma for the baby, the interesting thing about this toothpaste is that the sweet taste will make the baby no longer feel uncomfortable but will also be more excited and excited when brushing teeth.

Regular dental check-ups

Regular dental examinations will help monitor the development of teeth and jaws to recognize the factors that can cause the jaw to deform, the teeth are skewed. Therefore, parents should have their children go to the dental health examination every 6 months to promptly detect dental diseases for their babies. From there, provide treatments, corrective teeth suitable for permanent teeth to grow stable, even and beautiful for children.

Here are the tips from the doctor, Flora dentist hopes the above information will be very useful for parents. Flora Dentistry is currently a prestigious dentistry, dubbed as smooth dentistry, parents can take the baby to the examination.


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