We often hear and know about the popular porcelain teeth such as Cercon, Zirconia but there are still more advanced porcelain teeth such as gem porcelain teeth, Amica crystals, Lucy, Irisa,…. So what are the characteristics and advantages of porcelain teeth? Have you found out? If you haven’t found the answer below, Flora Dentistry.

1. Amira porcelain teeth

It’s a name from England. Amira’s teeth are made from pure Rose Quartz with a lifespan of 9 million years. Amira has an elasticity of 860 Mpa and a hardness of 502 HV approximately equal to diamond. In addition, ensuring oral health and quartz aesthetics also emits healthy energies.

Amira porcelain teeth

2. Lucy’s porcelain teeth

As a high-end product of Elysa gemstone company, the process of crafting requires elaborate techniques to produce the most perfect porcelain tooth product. Lucy has perfect hardness with a smooth porcelain surface and is coated with a glaze on the surface that creates pure naturalness.

Lucy Porcelain Teeth

3. Irisa porcelain teeth

Irisa is made up of rare pearls. Pearl material is not only rare but also ensures aesthetic as well as health requirements for users.

The natural color of pearls brings classy luxury beauty. Thanks to its elasticity of up to 1080 MPA and hardness of 730 HV, Irisa pearl porcelain teeth always ensure satisfaction for the most demanding customers.

4. Advantages of high-grade gem porcelain teeth

Gemstone porcelain teeth are superior to porcelain teeth often thanks to their super-durable properties and the requirement of modern technology, the rigorously tested fabrication process helps the process of restoring porcelain teeth the most accurately. And these high-end porcelain teeth often have a lifetime warranty:

  • The hardness and large elasticity are characteristics that are superior to the porcelain teeth that are popular today. Help the patient not worry during chewing.
  • Made from pure, benign gemstone materials in the oral cavity environment, high-grade gem porcelain teeth do not affect your health.
  • In addition, Fengshui porcelain gemstones are highly appreciated when converting energy beneficial for health and bringing a lot of peace and luck to the owner.

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