To choose a reputable dental address to cure smiles in your favor in HCM needs many factors. Flora dentistry is chosen by many customers why? Let’s find out the article below.

1. Prestigious dentistry

Flora Dentistry is known as one of the prestigious addresses for the treatment of cleft smiles: fast, aesthetically pleasing and painless. The pain control system builds on years of proprietary research and development at the center. This system is strictly applied in the procedure before, during and after treatment.

  • Before treatment: Reduce psychological anxiety, solve dental health problems, dental diseases need to be treated definitively, ensuring the best oral health before surgery.
  • In treatment: Use the appropriate insempathetic method, anesthesia in just the right dose. The doctor operates correctly, quickly, gently, non-invasively, without damage to the vicinity.
  • After treatment: The doctor notes to the patient about diet, activities and oral health care, and the patient needs to be re-examined for regular checkups.

2. Good Smile Treatment At Flora Dentistry

  • X-ray conebeam CT 3D
  • Determine the cause and specify the direction of treatment, expected before the results.
  • Cleaning and cleaning the oral cavity
  • Surgery to correct cleft gums when laughing
  • Post-treatment care guidelines
  • Re-examined according to the doctor’s appointment.

3. Flora Dentistry – Gum-Free Smile Treatment 3 NO

  • No pain
  • No swelling
  • It doesn’t take time to recover.3 things not to do when it comes to good laugh treatment

With the top criteria dubbed “Smooth Dentistry”, the criteria 3 are not above to bring satisfaction to customers when coming to surgery to smile.

In order to choose a reputable dental address for smile treatment, Flora Dentistry is sure that you will have the answer to any dental choice, right? Come and experience the service at Flora Dentistry.