A modern equipment to support with maxillofacial imaging diagnosis is the Cone Beam 3D CT Film machine. For the most effective Implant process, it was applied and strongly supported. Additionally, it boosts productivity for other services like orthodontic treatments. The article that follows has further information about Flora Dental Clinic.

1/ What is Cone Beam 3D CT Film System?

Cone Beam 3D CT filmography is a subset of X-ray imaging that makes use of advanced two-dimensional detectors and cone X-ray beams. Dental professionals can now see exact images of bones, including their size and bone quality, thanks to the CT Cone Beam 3D machine.

Additionally, a 3D Cone Beam CT scan can be used to evaluate diseases of the jaw, teeth, face’s bone structure, and nasal cavity.


2/ Outstanding advantages of Cone Beam 3D CT scanner

implant implant with ct cone beam machine

  • Traditionally, only the upper and lower spatial dimensions were visible using dental CT scanners that emitted an X-ray beam in the shape of a fan. The images taken by CT Cone Beam 3D will be clearer. Additionally, you will clearly observe the connections between the upper teeth and the maxillary sinuses, the lower teeth and the nerves, and check the interior for any deep lesions.
  • High safety, minimal radiation output.
  • A guarantee of no discomfort, no invasiveness, and accuracy.

3/ Where to take a 3D CT Cone Beam scan

A CT Cone Beam 3D scan is an essential first step for implant centers. The jawbone’s thickness should be precisely measured help doctors make the appropriate diagnoses to diagnose and treat patients. The implant post will be properly implanted thanks to this avoiding the deviation from the prescribed path that would cause the implant post to sway and fall too soon.

A diagnosis and treatment plan must be presented for various endodontic conditions, some of which are more complex.

  • Misshapen wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that grow underground
  • Misaligned bite…

Flora Dental Clinic features a CT Cone Beam 3D film imaging machine on-site to make it more convenient for patients. No other location is necessary for customers to take images. Above all, this system assists doctors in making more accurate diagnoses in unique circumstances. or the early diagnosis of serious diseases to enable prompt treatment and prevent further effects. For a free examination and consultation, get in touch with us right away at our hotline 02873058999 or on our Facebook page Flora Dental!