What happens when a child has tooth decay that parents don’t give him definitive treatment for? With Flora Dentistry refer to the article below:

1. Issues parents need to pay attention to

There are many parents who are subjective in ignoring their baby’s damaged milk teeth because they think that milk teeth only, before all, milk teeth will be lost and replaced with permanent teeth, however, this parents are completely wrong, when they will have milk cavities if they do not treat the pain in time, If your teeth are damaged, there will be unexpected things.


  • Damaged milk teeth will fall out early, causing permanent teeth to grow deviant and affect the structure of the child’s teeth.
  • Children 2 years old, 4-year-olds with broken milk teeth will affect the function of chewing, grinding food, not good for the digestive system, causing the baby to slow down.
  • Baby teeth play an important role in helping children learn to pronounce better during speech learning, if the baby teeth are deep, it will limit the language development of the child especially in the ability to communicate.

2. How to treat sore spots and tooth decay for children

Not knowing how to treat sore spots and tooth damage for children will cause their teeth to ache, affecting the health of the child. In fact, milk tooth damage will make the child very uncomfortable and potentially spread to the next teeth or give rise to many other dangerous dental pathologies. Because of these dangers, parents can apply the treatment of tooth damage to their baby as follows:

  • In case the child has a new baby tooth damage , it is possible to use medicines for children to dot the worm to disinfect and relieve pain for the baby. Based on the child’s condition, the dentist will decide whether to remove the damaged teeth or the deep holes. However, this technique needs to be performed at a medical address with guaranteed and reputable facilities.
  • In case the child has severe damage to the baby teeth , it is necessary to go to the dental center for doctors to remove the cavities and repair the worm by welding the wormhole filling, restoring chewing features and aesthetics for the teeth.

3. How to prevent milk cavities in young children?

Between the ages of 2 and 4, parents can prevent tooth damage in young children by taking the following measures:

  • During pregnancy, it is recommended to use foods that benefit your baby’s tooth enamel such as crabs, snails, fish, shellfish, shrimp, milk … Limit stress, stress.
  • When your baby is new to teeth, clean his teeth daily with warm salt water to help clean the plaque on the teeth and not let bacteria attack causing cavities.
  • Let your child sunbathe regularly to fight rickets and limit his jaw bone underdevelopment, preventing misaligned and weak teeth.
  • Limit the use of sweetened beverages in the evening, when the child is 1 year old, only give filtered water before bedtime.
  • Do not keep food or drinks in your mouth because this can cause bacteria to come into contact with your baby’s gums and cause milk cavities.
  • When detecting that the child has milk cavities, it is necessary to take the child to the dental clinic for timely treatment by the doctor.

If the child has severe tooth damage that is too untreatable with dental measures, it will be prescribed to remove the damaged teeth so as not to affect the gums and spread to other teeth.

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