In recent years, the demand for dental visits has tended to increase not only to ensure aesthetics but also to ensure the health of themselves, besides the dental care for children is very much attention from parents. At Flora Dentistry is where many parents take their children to visit prestigious dental care services in HO CHI MINH CITY.

1. Flora Dentistry – Dentistry has dental care services for children

Not only is the address familiar in District 3 ho chi minh city of many customers, Flora is said to be the place to gather many young patients to visit with the name extremely close to children. Here, Dentistry provides a full range of intensive dental services using modern technology, meeting the oral health care needs of both adults and young children. The medical team at the clinic has long experience in the profession. Always dedicated, meticulous in each operation. It provides the best treatment for all customers as well as special audiences rather than young children.

Dental Dental Care

2. Outstanding service at Flora Dentistry

  • Dental Implants/ Implants
  • Gum-good smile treatment
  • Porcelain tooth cover
  • Veneer Porcelain Paste
  • Braces, Transparent Braces Invisalign
  • General dental examination
  • Dental examination and treatment in children.

3. The most modern equipment

Flora with the investment of many modern medical machinery and equipment, imported from countries with leading developed medicine in the world. Effectively supporting the process of examination and treatment to ensure safety, accuracy, treatment time is shortened but still bring the best effect to customers.

4. Closed and professional treatment process

The closed examination and treatment process, carried out in an environment with an absolute sterile process, does not cross-infect.

5. Reasonable treatment costs, preferential policies on birthdays and holidays

At Flora Dentistry, the cost of treatment for each service is calculated in package, public, listed clearly does not incur costs. Besides, Flora has many practical incentives, many attractive programs on holidays, birthdays of guests. In addition to reducing the cost pressures for services that have to spend a lot of budget, Flora also has a 0% installment program for customers.

6. Recommendations to parents

  • Parents should have their children visit their children every 6 months.
  • Make it a habit to take care of your child’s teeth at an early age.
  • Limit your child’s intake of sweet, high-sugar foods before going to bed.

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