Many patients obsess over needles, which makes them hesitant to get therapy no matter how serious their illness is. Flora is proud to be known as the European Quality Comfort Dental Clinic in Vietnam. Flora regularly updates the hospital’s medical technology to minimize patients’ discomfort. In order to offer every patient a gentle dental experience, we have imported the DentalVibe device – Painless Anesthesia after careful consideration and selection. Let’s read this article to find out more about this technology!

1. Concept of DentalVibe

Flora Dental Clinic has imported DentalVibe, a painless anesthetic injection device, directly from the United States.

2. How does the DentalVibe work?

The machine generates slight vibrations in the gums near the injection site when the doctor turns it on and administers the anesthetic.

When injection and vibration occur simultaneously, the DentalVibe device’s vibration will reach at the brain first and block the brain from receiving the signal from the injection. The patient won’t experience any pain as a result of the anesthetic injection.

3. Outstanding advantages of DentalVibe

The most obvious advantage is assisting people in overcoming their fear of needles. Additionally, it greatly reduces the patient’s pain and discomfort. No more delaying off medical care or appointments because of a needle obsession. Consequently, the length of the treatment is shortened. DentalVibe is accessible to both adults and children.

The easiness with which patients see the dentist will allow doctors to quickly make the proper diagnoses and treatment strategies, avoiding potentially severe oral issues. This is the significant advantage that Flora Dental, a smart dental technology, offers both the patient and the dental team.

4. Notice: When can DentalVibe be applied?

Any treatment that needs for anesthesia can benefit from this device. Patients will be in a better position to complete treatments like implant placement, porcelain crown placement, wisdom teeth extraction, etc. with DentalVibe’s excellent support.

Flora Dental Clinic takes great pride in being the most European-quality dental clinic in Vietnam. As a result, we keep upgrading and provide the latest equipment available to the clinic. To provide the people of Vietnam with the highest suitable dental treatments which are also painless.

The above information surrounding the smart technology DentalVibe – Painless anesthetic injection from Flora Dental should have given readers more confidence in the SOFT to which we are dedicated. Visit 326 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai,District 3, Ho Chi Minh City or 672A5 Phan Van Tri – Cityland Park Hills, Ward 10, Go Vap District if you want to be among the first users of DentalVibe!