There are many methods of braces, but the most popular today is transparent braces. Clear Aligner 3D braces are one of the orthodontic techniques that use transparent braces. Do you know anything about 3D Clear Aligner? Let’s find out with Flora dentistry through the article below.

1. 3D Clear Aligner Braces

This is the orthodontic brace technique using transparent braces and micro braces to help move the teeth to the right position on the jaw mold. With this brace method we can confidently communicate comfortably and easily disassemble when eating or cleaning the teeth.

transparent function
Transparent jaws

2. Cases where 3D Clear Aligner can be used

Orthodontic 3D Clear Aligner method is applied to the following cases:

  • The patient has front teeth that almost rotate horizontally 90 degrees.
  • The patient has snuggling, sparse teeth, heavy exhortation, crowded teeth.
  • The patient laughed.
3D Clear Aligner Braces
3D Clear Aligner Braces

3. Advantages of Clear Aligner 3D Braces

Designed with transparent brace tray ensures absolute aesthetics for the owner of the 3D Clear Aligner transparent tray.

The second advantage is the easy disassembly feature, this brace tray will not interfere with the eating process as well as oral hygiene. You wear a brace tray, but the other person won’t notice that you’re wearing braces.

Orthodontic without 3D Clear Aligner braces is proven safe for the oral cavity environment. Therefore, you are completely assured that during use will not cause any irritation to the body.

In addition, with modern technology you can see the results of your upcoming braces process and the end of the braces process.

4. Disadvantages of Clear Aligner Transparent Braces

The biggest disadvantage of clear aligner 3D technique is its accuracy. The product is self-made orthodontists, designed by themselves so it will not guarantee 100% perfection.

5. Better 3D Clear Aligner or Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a pioneer brand for transparent tray orthodontic trends. Therefore, with Invisalign research team with a lot of experience, modern technology to improve the best product quality today.

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Invisalign braces require the doctor to scan the patient’s teeth with the proprietary Clincheck device. All data will be sent directly to Align Technology’s processing center. For 3D Clear Aligner braces depends entirely on the level of the orthodontist where you use the service. This will also have differences that keep accuracy and effectiveness as it depends on the expertise of the doctor.

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