If you can’t determine if you have a smile defect or a jaw, don’t miss this article from Flora Dentistry.

1. What is a good laugh?

This is the distance from the neckline to the neckline to the upper lip contour exceeding 3mm when smiling. This is not an oral pathology, but a defect. The gum tissue is exposed when laughing in the wrong proportions, causing the smile to lose its inherent beauty. From there, it is easy to develop a self-deprecating mentality and afraid to laugh out loud.

1.1 Level

  • Light degree: The gum tissue is exposed more than 3mm, accounting for 25% of < the length of the crown.
  • Medium level: The percentage of gum tissue exposed is 25-50% of the length of the crown.
  • Severity: The percentage of gum tissue exposed is > 50% of the length of the crown.
  • Very heavy: The percentage of gum tissue exposed is >100% of the length of the crown.
before and after the treatment, laughter is good.
Before and after the treatment, laughter is good.

1.2 Causes

Dental causes: The tooth stem is short, too covered by gums

Cause of tooth socket bone: The tooth socket bone is too thick, the gums are hypertrophic

Lip causes: The sysmchanical muscles are so large that the lips are pulled up too much when laughing.

The cases of a gummy smile.
Open-risk laughter conditions

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2. Distinguish between open smile surgery and jaw surgery

CompareGummy smile surgeryJaw surgery
ObjectThe one who laughs.

Holders of short teeth

People with supply hypertrophic

People with extensive jaw muscles in the root area of the tooth


People with excessive bone-oversized jaws

People with bucktooth and gummy smiles.

Time30 minutes60-90 minutes depending on whether the condition is mild or severe
MeasureGum removal surgerySurgery to cut the jaw sliding bone, pushing back the jaw to the back to make the joint bite tight.

It is possible to have surgery to slip both the upper and lower jaws in possession of the jaw if the jaw is severe.

People who shout and smile with their gums will have left for one surgery.

ProceedLocal anesthesiaMild anesthesia
Level of improvementImproves gummage, lengthening the crownImmediately after the implementation, improve the state of laughter.


Low cost

No prolonged pain.

Effective immediately after implementation.

Improves the bright smile.


End of jaws

Maintain lifetime results

Jaw surgery is one of the major surgeries that affects the bones, which is quite complex. Many people worry that this surgery will cause interactions to long-term health or cause pain.

In addition, it also uses a platelet-rich plasma cell membrane system (PRP). This cell is taken from the aesthetic person’s own blood, loaded through the filter and the remaining centrifuge PRP. This membrane will create a good bridge to heal the bones quickly and more quickly than normal.

3. Factors that make up the effectiveness of surgery

For jaw surgery to be quick, effective and improve the entire facial defect, the following important factors need to be taken into mind:

  • The doctor’s professional qualifications.
  • Operation techniques performed.
  • The reputation of dental centers, hospitals.

When you intend to improve your face, you need to take note of the above. In addition, after surgery, you need to pay attention to the problem of eating in the following days that make it beautiful, forced to eat porridge in the first two days, rinse your mouth clean bacteria, re-examine and take medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

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