Say no to an open smile. That’s what everyone wants. However, if you choose the wrong dentist, the doctor does not do well can leave many unpredictable complications. Join Flora Dentistry to learn more about this issue!

1. Does curing laughter leave any complications?

Does curing laughter leave any complications?
Does curing laughter leave any complications?

Even if it’s just a minor surgery. But if the doctor performs the wrong technique or does not do it carefully, it will cause many complications for the patient.

1.1. Loss of gums in the interdental area, exposing the black triangle

In case the doctor intervenes in the bone of the interdental area. The closing of the flap is not good, the podium will only cause the above condition.

1.2. Uneven cutting gums

Usually by the gold standard. The gums must be commensurate on both sides, the contour of the tooth no. 1 must be about 1mm higher than the no. 2 tooth, the contour of the gums no. 3 by tooth no. 2.

1.3. Bite disorders

Any deviation during jaw bone surgery can also lead to a misaligned bite. Making the patient both increase the anxiety when having to treat more complications of the bite is disordered and costly.

1.4. Prolonged bleeding

If the doctor does not handle the wound well or touches the blood vessels, this complication will occur. Flora Dentistry recommends seeing a doctor as soon as possible. To be treated promptly by excessive blood loss can be life-threatening.

1.5. Recurrent gedance

Some doctors who do not master the expertise will not thoroughly treat the condition of open laughter.

2. Some notes when curing open laughter

2.1. Proper hygiene

It is recommended to gently clean the wound. For the first week, you should avoid vigorous exercise.

Maintain the habit of cleaning wounds in particular and teeth in general in accordance with the instructions from the doctor.

2.2. Diet

  • Eat soft foods such as porridge, soup,…
  • Drink plenty of fruit juice.
  • Eat plenty of greens to bring vitamin C and fiber into the body, which helps promote the healing process.
  • Absolutely do not eat raspberries, sticky, chicken, beef because these foods will make wounds difficult to heal, causing dark lips, loss of aesthetics.
  • Do not eat hot spicy food.
  • Do not eat seafood and eggs to avoid the case of itching or allergies.

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Eat soft foods such as porridge, soup,...
Eat soft foods such as porridge, soup,…

2.3. Re-examination on time

When completing the treatment process, the doctor will actively review and schedule a re-examination for convenience in monitoring the wound. Try to schedule the time to visit on time so that the treatment process is taken care of in the best way.

Re-examination on time
Re-examination on time

Taking the drug as prescribed by the doctor is also one of the important factors that help promote the healing process.

To prevent the relapse of open laughter, readers should choose reputable dentists, highly skilled doctors, many experiences.

Hopefully with the above information from Flora Dentistry about the complications after the treatment
of open laughter
it can happen if the doctor treats it incorrectly or inexperienced. To schedule a free dental health overview, please contact us immediately at hotline 028.7305.8999.

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