What would it be like for men to laugh at the number of men? Don’t miss this article if you’re in this situation.

How do men smile/ smile on their gums affecting the number?

In anthropology, men who laugh or boys laugh with good fortunes have bad fortunes. People who laugh openly often have wide mouths, can carry many unnecessary harms. Because of the habit of talking without thinking carefully. In addition, it also shows the difficulty of success in the career. Even if you make money or possessions, you won’t last long. Besides, they also do not know how to carefully plan for future life, spend profligately.

Men laughed.
Men laughed.

According to folklore: In love stories, men laugh openly or jealously, do not know how to think about the future, hurt their wives and children, can not serve as a support for the family … So often cheating on love. Because women who choose a partner will not like men with this defect. These ideas are only one-sided. It cannot be said that all men who laugh with gums have a bad general number.

When men smile, their faces become less graceful than people with normal smiles. Therefore, many people want to change their gums to become charming as well as change their destiny.

Smile treatments are good for men.

Method 1: Gum contouring surgery

In the case of short tooth stems, the gums are too covered too much. There are currently two methods:

Depending on the condition of each client, the doctor will give the indication for the most effective surgery. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed. To reveal the crown of the teeth in the right length, ensure the golden ratio.

Gum removal surgery

Method 2: Jaw bone surgery

For the case of smiling gums due to 2 combined causes: short tooth stems combined with too thick tooth socket bones.

For such a combination cause, it is impossible to intervene with laser technology. The doctor will perform plastic gum removal surgery with bone correction. Accordingly, part of your gums will be removed. To reveal the body of the teeth in the right length. At the same time, the impact on the bone of the tooth socket reduces the volume in excess of the proportion.

gum-good laugh treatment

Method 3: Lip positioning

In case of laughing gums caused by the lips, the environment of large sysmmus muscles.

To overcome this case, the doctor will surgically drain the corner of the corridor. Thereby reducing the traction of the upper lip muscle when laughing, overcoming defects.

Lip positioning is a method that can recur depending on the characteristics of each person’s sysmchane that will not recur, or recur after 3-5 years.

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Dispelling the fear of laughter at Flora

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The client after the treatment laughed.