Children often do not have the habit of taking care of their own teeth, so Flora Dentistry recommends that parents have methods to guide them more actively for oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth every day is important, and brushing your teeth incorrectly can cause bacteria to grow and attack your teeth and gums and wear out your enamel.

oral hygiene

1. Guidance on dental care for children according to each age

There are many ways to protect and prevent dental disease for your baby, in which parents should pay attention to the psychology of the baby, how to choose the appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste suitable for the age and practice brushing properly.

  • Baby from 8 months of age: baby begins to grow milk teeth
  • Period from 1-2 years: Parents should use soft gauze soaked with clean warm water or diluted salt water to clean the first milk teeth and the teeth that are rising of the baby.
  • Period from 3-6 years: The child begins to develop molars and in turn replaces the teeth, switching from the milk teeth to the permanent teeth. At this time, parents should show their children how to brush their teeth effectively and supervise when they brush their teeth.
  • Period from 6-9 years: You should still check your baby’s brushing to make sure he brushes his teeth properly.

2. Principles and tips to inspire children to get used to brushing their teeth.

Choose a brush for your child.

Parents need to prioritize the type with a small round head with a long brush neck so that children can easily brush their teeth, the shape of the toothbrush can be diverse in color, portray cartoon characters or have an animal shape to create more excitement for the baby. Brush hair is a very important part, parents should choose the type of hair that is super soft enough to remove the plaque without scratching the gums of the child. This will be a tool that will make children more interested and proactive in oral hygiene.


Choose one with a sugar-free formula, which contains Xylitol and Active Flouride to fight tooth decay. Besides, it is recommended to choose branded toothpaste, fruit flavor to make children more interested in brushing their teeth.

The right way to brush your teeth.

Brushing properly is placing the brush gently so that the brush hair fits snugly on the surface of the tooth, brush each group of teeth, each group of 2-3 degrees, brush all three sides of the teeth: front, back and chewing face. The ideal length of brushing is about 2-3 minutes. When brushing your teeth properly, the teeth will not hurt, discomfort, and at the same time bring high effectiveness of care and protection of the teeth.

Reasonable brushing time

Parents divide the brushing schedule and proper oral hygiene for the baby, instruct the child to brush his teeth twice a day (morning and before going to bed in the evening) and to rinse his mouth to make his teeth strong.

Praise and encourage children when brushing their teeth

When your baby brushes his teeth, praise him: Your baby is good, your teeth are whiter, you brush your teeth properly so the breath is fragrant,… Your baby will be more interested in brushing his teeth properly, regularly. It is these words of encouragement that children will be more proactive in taking care of their teeth and daily hygiene.

Regular dental check-ups

Parents should take your baby to a dental check-up once or twice a year at the dental clinic to check his oral health. In order to detect the problems of the baby’s teeth in a timely manner and to fix them specifically.

3. Flora Dental Clinic for all ages

Dubbed as The Smooth Dentistry, bringing a sense of peace of mind when coming home will be a prestigious address for parents to take their children to regular visits. Here, the medical team is always friendly, close, gentle with the children so they will be very interested.