For ways of care after cutting gums effectively recover quickly. Flora Dentistry guides right below the following article.

1. Postoperative care

postoperative care
Postoperative care

Choose the right food.

  • After minor surgery, you should choose soft, easy-to-swallow foods to limit the impact on the wound.
  • It is recommended to limit food such as chicken, sticky foods, vegetables, beef,… Because it is easy to cause red swelling of wounds.
  • Do not eat food that is too hard, chewy to ensure the food does not stick to the area of minor surgery at the gums.

Take medicines prescribed by your doctor.

  • In addition to eating habits, after the surgery, the doctor will prescribe medicines to limit people with easy pain.
  • In some cases, it may not be necessary to take medication because the doctor’s workmanship as well as their body does not feel pain after surgery, but only feels like ant bites slightly for a short time and then it is over.

Follow the doctor’s instructions.

  • After the minor surgery when the anesthetic is gone, you will feel slightly gloated and lightly rusty blood. Then your doctor will note that you bite the cotton wiper tightly, about 30 minutes will change the cotton until the bleeding is gone. Besides, when problems such as non-stop bleeding, pain many you should return to the dentist to be examined and treated by a specialist in a timely manner.
  • You should avoid vigorous exercise, laugh out loud, and stay away from stimulants such as alcohol or tobacco. At the same time, it is recommended to combine gentle oral hygiene and avoid touching the gum area.
  • Taking proper care of the gums will help the wound heal quickly, cutting only your smile early will no longer be beautiful in the eyes of those around you.

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2. Signs of rapid injury speed after cutting gums.

Here are the signs that the speed of injury is rapid after cutting the gums.

Painless or mild sensation

With wounds that are about to heal, you will no longer feel pain or lightly cut gums. Because the cut was dry in the face, it did not cause the same discomfort as when the anesthetic was gone after the cut.

No more bleeding, blood clots

After minor surgery to cure the open laughter due to the impact on the gums, then there will be bleeding. But when the blood is no longer flowing and blood clots appear, this is a sign that the wound has healed. At this point you should note that it is not recommended to remove or rinse your mouth with diluted salt water.

The gums hunt again and are naturally pink.

A cut of the gums that tightens and turns natural pink is a sign that the gums are perfecting and healing.

Good signs of laughter.
Signs of healing and laughter

Hopefully, the above article can help you take good care of the wound yourself after cutting the gums as quickly as possible. However, besides shortening the treatment time, you should choose a prestigious dental address with modern GUM CUTTING TECHNOLOGY. Typical at FLORA DENTISTRY with a proprietary pain control system helps heal quickly after only 72 hours.