Porcelain for the front teeth is an effective cosmetic solution for many defects of bad in front teeth, restoring teeth are beautiful, radiant more confident for customers when laughing.

1. In what circumstances is the front teeth?

porcelain in frontals

  • The incisors are uneven in size such as large, small, short, long, and too different to cause aesthetic loss for the teeth.
  • The front teeth are sparse or the root of the tooth is removed.
  • The invert teeth are turned, and the invert teeth grow off.
  • Damaged front teeth such as batches, fractures, ruptures, cracks, and cavities in the front teeth.
  • Dark in front teeth, antibiotic infections…

2. Does front teeth have any effect?

In the porcelain dental upholstery procedure, the doctor will grind off part of the insular teeth that need to be restored proportionally. After grinding, these real teeth will be the porcelain crown on top. The porcelain crowns will be made according to the jaw mark pattern after grinding the teeth, with the same color, shape, and size as the real front teeth next to it.

This method is only an external effect of tooth enamel, which does not invade the internal structure as well as the surrounding gum tissue. Basically, porcelain tooth wrap has no effect on the oral health of customers.

However, for some customers because of cheap ham but porcelain teeth of poor quality, unreliable addresses, and doctors’ lack of professional qualifications, porcelain teeth will be able to cause complications such as dead teeth, bleached, discomfort, and gingivitis.

3. How much is the preferential price of front teeth porcelain?

At Flora Dentistry, if you come to porcelain for the front teeth will be discounted from 10-15%, besides you also get free:

  • Sample research
  • Cosmetic Tooth Preview Plan
  • Makeshift teeth with Luxatem

porcelain dental wrap incentives

4. Cosmetic porcelain teeth warranty at Flora Dentistry

  • Lava Plus porcelain teeth: 15 years
  • Cercon HT, Emax Press, Diamond porcelain teeth: 10 years
  • Cercon, Emax Zic, Zirconia porcelain teeth: 7 years
  • Titanium porcelain teeth: 3 years

5. 0% interest installment

In addition, Flora also supports 0% interest installments for more than 23 banks: Vietcombank, BIDV, Techcombank, MB, Sacombank, FE Credit, ACB, Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, VPBank, Shinhan, South Asia Bank, SeAbank, VIB, Eximbank. Maritime Bank, OCB, SCB, Kienlong Bank, TP Bank, SHB… And exempt from all related expenses.

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