Depending on the concept of each person, whether or not to laugh is good or bad for the general. But first, smiling will make your smile worse. Make you feel guilty, lose confidence about your open smile and even sadder when it has bad meanings according to anthropology. So, what are those views? Let’s find out with Flora!

Laughter in most of them has negative implications for both women and men.

1. For women

In anthropology, women with open smiles are extroverts, cheerful, enthusiastic, energetic. They are good at business, good at social work. In particular, women who smile and benefit often value work more than taking care of the family home. They often live very bohemian lives and do not spend much time caring for their families leading to conflict and conflict patterns.

The patient laughed.

If anyone is single, cheat on a man and woman. In marriage they often carve with their husbands, like freedom, dislike attachments and are very jealous. Smiling gums with loose eyes, thin lips are often polyamorous, unsymity, marriage is often broken in the middle of the road. For women who smile open their gums with dark lips, white eyes are often sour, stoned.

Some people also think that women who laugh with profit are deceitful, less honest, use words to cover up their shortcomings and do not create trust with partners, business also has many barriers.

2. For men

In stark contrast to women, men who laugh badly at communication, they often lose points because of their ingenious speech, what they say, the act of procrastination does not definitively offend others.

a slight smile.

In your career, men who laugh on their gums will not be favorable either. Money, fame can not be kept, yes and then easy to lose. They are often not very good at calculating before and after, so careers are difficult to succeed. They are also the ones who easily give up, stumble, miss good opportunities. In marriage, they cannot be a solid support for the wife.

Men who smile and have large in front teeth are active, enthusiastic to face challenges and difficulties in life. However, they lack a stance that is easily moved by others, lacks the ability to plan. If they have crooked teeth growing out, they are usually active, cheerful, active, like to move, but they are very easy to be harmed, deceived by small people, cunning.

3. Overcome gum-exposed laughter

To overcome the condition of open smile, there are now many methods from simple to complex such as botulinum toxin injection, positioning the lips to shape the gums to length the gums, shaping gums combined with orthodontic treatment. However, there will be a few methods that will cause you to have a recurrence, so you need to look to reputable dentistry for thorough examination and advice.

4. Pain control system into the healing of cleft laughter at Flora Dentistry

The pain control system is built on years of research and development exclusively at Flora. At Flora Dentistry when customers treat smiles in just 30 minutes QUICKLY, PAINLESS is the biggest success that this system brings.