Porcelain dental cover can have difficult consequences that the patient can have the disability money still carry with him without a doctor’s indication, as well as choose a less prestigious flossing on the school. Currently, cases of complications as a result of porcelain tooth coverings are numerous and common.

Use cheap porcelain teeth of no origin, origin

Cheap porcelain teeth do not have guaranteed porcelain origin, poor quality porcelain leads to inflammation and there is a high risk of rupture. Tooth color quickly dulls, unnatural, porcelain pieces easily fall out. In addition, it also leaves diseases such as gingivitis, bad breath, tooth decay.

Permanent tooth structure changes

The teeth are made up of many layers of hardness but are not capable of reproducing when damaged. Therefore, when we have covered porcelain teeth, we have been abrasive part of the real teeth to install porcelain teeth or porcelain bridges. Restoring teeth like that won’t be the same as real teeth.

grinding porcelain-coated teeth


Myelitis is the most terrible consequence of porcelain teeth because it can permanently kill teeth. In addition, due to the neurological cord, teeth will become sensitive, easy to swallow when eating too hot or too cold. To improve the situation, you should use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

myelitis teeth need porcelain wrap

Cracked teeth

Porcelain dental cover requires a temporary grinding and dental installation. However, if the tooth grinding is too much or the use of poor quality temporary teeth will damage the teeth, leading to cracked teeth after a period of chewing. Therefore, you need to look to highly skilled doctors and reputable dental facilities to perform. In addition, people who are born with bad teeth, weak enamel, if there is no emergency reason should not do because the process of wrapping teeth can affect the structure of the teeth making teeth easily cracked.

Cracked teeth

The teeth fell out, blackened.

Tooth enamel under the worn shell not only causes the porcelain teeth to wobble leading to a full fall, but also creates a hole for bacteria to enter to cause cavities. Black porcelain teeth on the border are also a common phenomenon due to the use of poor quality materials, porcelain teeth with internal ribs made of metal. This causes loss of aesthetics and lack of confidence for the toothmaker.

Flora Dentistry – prestigious address of porcelain teeth

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The above are the consequences of the unreliable porcelain teeth in the market today, hopefully the above knowledge can help you better understand the problems of porcelain teeth wrap so that you can choose for yourself a reliable and reputable dentist to treat dental damage.