The need to make porcelain teeth to improve the aesthetics of teeth is increasingly popular. One of the things that customers are interested in when choosing porcelain teeth is which porcelain teeth are beautiful, which is the current trend. With Flora Dentistry reveals the beautiful porcelain teeth that are popular right here.

1. Porcelain teeth are popular today

Porcelain teeth

  • Natural porcelain teeth

This is the most common tooth shape that ensures a natural color tone. The shape of the teeth is not picky face, the pattern of the teeth is also even, not too big or too small, the color of the teeth is like real teeth, not too bright white. With this shape of teeth, it will be meticulously crafted in the right proportions and sizes like natural teeth. This ensures the symmetry between the jaws and the teeth.

  • Rabbit tooth shape

The shape of the rabbit teeth shows a playful, agile look, bringing a graceful smile suitable for those with an angular or slightly long face. Normally, rabbit teeth will apply to the two upper in front teeth. At the same time, the design will be slightly larger and longer than the next teeth. Rabbit teeth are the shape of teeth that are loved and chosen a lot by young people.

  • Porcelain tooth shape personality

The shape of the tooth personality brings a disruption to its owner. Usually its teeth are small and glossy to enhance the beauty of the in front teeth. The highlight of this tooth is bright white with a glossier surface than natural teeth. Therefore, this tooth shape will be more suitable for those who prefer prominence and dynamism.

  • Sexy-style teeth

Sexy style teeth are suitable for women who love prominence and want to be noticed by those around them. Designed with good brightness and exceptional shine that attracts others.

  • Cute tooth shape

This shape of teeth looks small, beautiful and the whiteness is very proportionate on the teeth, helping the owner become more cute and lovely.

  • Oval tooth shape

With a round shape that expresses simplicity, lightness and brings elegance, nobility, very suitable for women with a gentle and gentle personality. This shape of teeth is now chosen by the majority of women, especially young entrepreneurs, many artists.

  • Square inning shape

Square in frontin shape, 2 front teeth positions will be designed squarely. More help the teeth to be evener without being too angular. Most square in frontins are the choice of men because of the strength and masculinity that this shape of teeth brings.

  • Baby tooth shape

This is a small designed tooth shape that helps the owner have a lovely, cute smile. The shape of the teeth is suitable for people with a compact face and light skin.

  • Graceful crooked teeth

Young people who want a smile to be more graceful, this is a very worth considering option. This shape of the tooth is not “cocooned” the face, because it is in the top of the teeth that are loved and preferred today. In addition, it is better suited to those who attribute calm and moderate personality.

  • Vampire teeth

Vampire teeth are in vogue, bringing a strong and very unique personality, bringing prominence with sharp and long canines that look like vampires in fiction films.

2. Porcelain dental instaliture at Flora Dentistry

It can be seen that with the great benefits that porcelain teeth can bring, they are really worth the investment. However, not everyone is qualified to cover porcelain teeth to regain the perfect smile. Therefore, at Flora Dentistry , the porcelain dental wrap program pays 0% interest instalation with many utilities:

  • Credit card installments – supporting more than 23 banks in Vietnam
  • 0% interest rate
  • No instaltal charges
  • No upfront requests
  • Customers have the option of installment term: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.