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Flora in Latin is Flower – a symbol of beauty and lightness. The beauty that Flora Dentistry aims for is the perfect beauty that comes from a smile. We are proud to be known by our customers as “smooth dentistry”- providing the first painless dental solution in Ho Chi Minh City. At Flora, treatments are constantly being studied and innovating. In particular, gentle from space to each operation of the doctor, bringing completely new experiences to customers: Go to dentistry – light and relax like going to spa. At Flora Dentistry, millions of perfect smiles have been created after many complex dental cosmetic procedures each year.

Smile is an indispensable spice to make life more fulfilling every day. Whoever you are, no matter where you are in the world, you deserve a healthy and radiant smile. Flora’s dentistry wants to make that happen. We have the mission to create perfection in each smile, so that your smile will be the most beautiful, the most natural in the happiest moment. This proves that through the two successful seasons of The Smile Ambassador program 2019 and 2020. And 2021 will be no exception, The Smile Ambassador Season 3 will be officially launched from August 1, 2021 promising to find you the perfect smile again, because Flora believes, You deserve it!



Introducing Smile Ambassador Program 2021


Smile Ambassador (DSNC) is a program funded by Flora Dentistry 100% of the cost to “peel off” the smile. This is an annual program, looking for those who are living with a smile with many defects such as open smiles, small teeth, colored teeth are eager to find the most beautiful and natural smile.

According to Ms. Le Thi Thanh Tuyet, founder of Flora Dentistry, I have talked about the Great Smile program in the past 2 years ” I feel very happy when bringing services to make customers satisfied, the word “Tam” with the profession is always put first, Over the past two seasons, we really want to be able to help more customers and be able to bring joy and happiness to customers. ”

And dr. Nguyen Dac Minh co-founder of Flora Dentistry is also the one whose hands transform the most perfect smiles “As a surgeon for clients I am always careful, meticulous and always put on my heart in each surgery. For me, the customers are the flowers, so that they are as beautiful as possible. Because I believe that a happy smile will be on the customer’s lips if that smile is perfect.”

Especially in the 2021 CpC, the funding package is raised up to VND 200 million with cosmetic treatments including: open smile and cosmetic porcelain teeth.


How to Participate in the Smile Ambassador Program 2021



Participants are 18 years of age or older.

Form of participation

1/ Register the information and submit a smiling image of you on the application to participate in the Smile Ambassador program 2021 at the end of the article.

2/ Receive photos from the Organizing Committee, post this photo on facebook with the words and hashtags: #DSNC2020, #nhakhoaFlora.

Award structure

1 / First prize (01 prize): The sponsorship package peels off the smile, up to 200 million VND.

2 / Participating prize (the first 50 registered people): 5-in-1 dental hygiene and care package worth 500,000 with FREE treatment regimen.

Registration period

Smile Ambassador Program 2021 will receive applications from: 01/08/2021 – 01/09/2021

Time to announce results

Flora Dentistry will announce the first prize recipient of the Smile Ambassador program on August 20, 2021.

How to calculate points

Test scores consist of 02 parts:

1/ Engagement score: likes – 1 point/ turn, shares – 3 points / turn.

2/ Points from the Organizing Committee: A scale of 1 -10 points is scored on your registration form.

First Prize – The ambassador of the program is the participant with the highest total score.



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