Teething is an important event in their life, which is why parents are very caring and worried. To answer these questions as well as concerns from parents, please join Flora Dentistry to find out the article below.


What are molars?

Molars are teeth that help your baby crush food in the best way before food goes down to the digestive apparatus for the body to absorb nutrients. Therefore, molars play a very important role for the whole tooth.

These molars are milk molars, they will last until they are 5-6 years old. And after the age of 5 years of teething, this is the time when children grow permanent molars, this tooth will follow him for the rest of his life.

What should children eat during teething?

The time of teething will make the baby uncomfortable, such anorexia will affect the weight as well as the health of the baby, so choosing what food for flora dentistry suggests more for parents:

  • If your baby is still breastfeeding, it is necessary to actively breastfeed the baby directly or the mother milks and gives the baby a bottle, spooning directly.
  • If the child has eaten miles and chewed food that needs to be pureed food, cook the food in a soft, easy to swallow form. It is best to feed your baby dishes that smell almost like milk such as cheese, plan cake, …
  • Feed your baby more bread to supplement nutrients because when your baby teeth, he tends to want to chew more.
  • You can boil vegetables but should not crumple to help your child bite the gums while adding fiber.
  • Supplement with cool drinks, rich in vitamin C to reduce gum inflammation, gum pain.

Flora Dentistry hopes that the above information will help parents better understand the time of teething of the baby to be able to take care of the baby more comprehensively, these molars are very important and will follow throughout the baby’s life, parents should take good care of the baby.