Flora Dentistry is known as one of the top 10 dentists in Ho Chi Minh City with good braces service, quality to bring satisfaction to customers. So why Flora Dentistry was chosen as one of the 10 best dentists let’s find out:

1. What are cosmetic braces?

1.1 What are braces?

Braces (also known as orthodontics) are methods that use the help of dental instruments to spread the teeth on the jaw. Bring the teeth and bites to the right place to ensure chewing health, oral health. Braces can overcome dental conditions: chanting, mingling, crowding, sparse teeth, open bites.

1.2 Effects of braces

Orthodontic treatment will straighten your teeth or move them into a better position. Not only does this improve your appearance, but it also helps position your teeth tightly together so that you can clean your teeth more easily.

Some people have teeth out. These teeth will likely be moved back into rows and collected into your lips, making your teeth no longer there.

Crooked and crowded teeth can be difficult to keep clean. But after you’ve completed the braces process, the teeth are straight and even, which will allow you to easily clean as well as support the process of chewing food more comfortably.

Therefore, orthodontic treatment (braces) may be the best way to improve your teeth. But it is important that you discuss with your doctor all aspects of the treatment, the actual results before starting.

2. What are the braces?

Flora Dentistry has two braces for customers including Invisalign transparent braces and braces (metal braces, porcelain braces, self-lacing braces, tongue braces). It is considered almost the same effectiveness, however in terms of cost and duration of treatment is slightly different.

Customers using braces services

3. Flora Dental Reasons is a prestigious address for braces:

For the following reasons, you will feel like you’re going to Flora’s dentistry for braces:

  • Highly specialized team of doctors
  • Apply the most advanced technology
  • The quality of service, the quality of dedicated examinations from the medical team, doctors here.
  • Preferential service rates and 0% installments apply to all banks.
  • Exclusive pain control system only available at Flora dentistry
  • 5-star standard care service

Here, we have many different braces services such as: regular and self-fastening metal braces, regular porcelain braces and self-fastening and invisalign transparent braces.

4. Braces price

Regular Metal BracesPackage35,000,000
Self-Fastening Metal BracesPackage45,000,000
Porcelain BracesPackage50,000,000
Self-Fastening Porcelain BracesPackage60,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 1 (1 Jaw)1 function35,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 1 (2 Jaws)Package49,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 2 (1 Jaw)1 function59,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 2 (2 Jaws)Package79,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 3 (1 Jaw)1 function79,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 3 (2 Jaws)Package99,000,000
Invisalign Transparent Braces Level 4Package120,000,000


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