Flora Dentistry is in the top 5 dental treatments in District 3 ho Chi Minh City. And find out more dental names in the top 5 smile treatments through the article below.

1. Flora Dentistry

  • 326 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, HO CHI MINH CITY HCM

The treatment team laughs.

Flora Dentistry is known as one of the addresses quick, painless smile treatment, ensuring aesthetics and painlessness. Flora Dentistry applies a pain control system built on years of proprietary research and development at the center. This system is strictly applied in the procedure before, during and after treatment:

  • Before treatment: Reduce psychological anxiety, solve dental health problems, dental diseases need to be treated definitively, ensuring the best oral health before surgery.
  • In treatment: Use the appropriate insempathetic method, anesthesia in just the right dose. The doctor operates correctly, quickly, gently, non-invasively, without damage to the vicinity.
  • After treatment: The doctor notes to the patient about diet, activities and oral health care, and the patient needs to be re-examined for regular checkups.

Flora Dentistry has strengths in cutting gums for smile treatment thanks to the full equipment of factors: Quick treatment within 30 minutes, healing after 72h; No pain, less swelling is difficult to notice, the patient can live normally after treatment; Application of the exclusive pain control system in combination with a team of skilled, highly skilled doctors.

Flora Dentistry is a successful treatment for more than 1000 customers who smile with this method. In particular, 90% of cases thoroughly overcome laughter, the remaining 10% overcome up to 95% of smiles. As a result, many customers put their trust and choose Flora Dentistry as a good and prestigious surgical address in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

In terms of cost, how much to cut depends on the cause and method applied to cure laughter. In addition, it is necessary to calculate based on other factors such as doctors, facilities, machinery and equipment, postoperative customer service.

2. Kim Dentistry

  • 345 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3, HO CHI MINH CITY HCM

Kim Dental is one of the major dental systems, with many facilities throughout ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Kim Dentistry has performed gum removal for cleft smile treatment and is considered one of the most successful open smile surgery addresses.

Gum surgery at Kim Dentistry is indicated and performed by good doctors, with many years of experience in the profession. These are all specialist doctors, have been well trained at prestigious medical universities, are highly skilled, accurate and skillful in each operation, ensuring the principle of not invading much or losing aesthetics after cutting benefits.

Kim Dental Center has a system of spacious, modern facilities, meeting sterile standards with Anios misting machine system, sterile steam oven tool set. Each customer is also equipped with a separate set of drill hands and dental instruments so there is no need to worry about cross-contamination.

The equipment applied in examination and treatment is also modern and advanced machinery including: Panorex & Cephalometric X-ray machine, Cone Bean CT 3D,… help doctors accurately diagnose the condition of the gums, the cause to come up with the appropriate and optimal solution.

In order to ensure maximum safety as well as aesthetics for patients, Kim Dentistry performs profit cutting according to standard procedures, strictly complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Health from examination, planning, oral hygiene, profit cutting to attention when caring.

At Kim Dentistry, the cost of cutting benefits is based on a variety of factors, while also depending on the condition of the person’s gums. Therefore, in order to get accurate information about the cost of cutting benefits here, patients should visit in person for the most accurate advice from the doctor.

3. My Auris Dentistry

  • No. 11, Nguyen Gia Thieu Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC

My Auris Dental Technology Institute was established in 2012 and now has 8 years of operation and development. My Auris stands out for cosmetic dental services such as porcelain dental wrap, braces – orthodontics, teeth whitening, porcelain veneer, stressing the gums, pressing smiley gums, implanting teeth and treating open smiles.

For customers who need to have good smile treatment, the doctor will directly examine, X-ray and assess the level (mild – moderate – severe – severe). Based on the level of laughter and specific causes, the doctor will advise the client on reasonable treatment options. Currently, My Auris dentistry performs gum-opening laughter treatment with braces combined with subsidence or gum removal surgery.

Possessing a modern and modern machinery system along with a team of experts, skilled and skilled specialists, My Auris Dentistry is confident to bring customers quality and safe smile treatment services. This facility also won the hearts of customers by professional customer service and always transparent about costs.

4. Peace Dentistry

  • 147 Nguyen Thien Thuật Street, Ward 1, District 3, HO CHI MINH CITY HCM

Peace Dentistry has many treatments for cleft smiles such as laser gum orthopedics (laser gum removal), gum (gum) tooth removal to reduce gums and lengthen the crown, upper lip lowering surgery and/or upper lip lift muscle removal,…

Laser gum cutting is usually applied in cases where the teeth are short or the gum tissue is excessively thick. The laser removes excess gum tissue, reduces gum length, creates a balance between gum tissue and lip shape, and helps teeth look longer.

Cutting gums with a laser does not cause bleeding, the result is a significant reduction in the risk of infection and a quick recovery. This is the advantage that helps this method be chosen by many customers.

In addition, customers can choose the method of cutting the gums and lengthening the crown, also known as root lengthening surgery. This procedure requires surgical removal of gum tissue in contact with the crown, which helps the crown to reveal more and look longer.

Laser cutting treatments will have a higher probability of returning returns than conventional gum-cutting surgery. Therefore, Peace Dentistry still prioritizes the use of open-gum surgery, while helping to lengthen the crown.

The doctors directly performing the benefit at Peace Dentistry are good doctors, trained at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, many doctors have time to practice abroad such as the US, Singapore, Malaysia,…

5. Vincos & Dr. Lee Aesthetic

Vincos & Dr. Lee was formerly the Department of Maxillofacial Dentistry of Oriental STO Hospital. Established in 2005 and 15 years of development, this facility has been affirming its name as one of the prestigious and quality dental addresses.

Vincos & Dr. Lee specializes in performing cosmetic dental services such as cosmetic porcelain, orthodontics – braces, teeth whitening, implants, jaw surgery and gum treatment.

The services at Vincos & Dr. Lee are all performed by Dr. Le Chi Vinh. Doctors are trained at HO CHI MINH CITY University of Medicine and Pharmacy and have more than 10 years of experience in the profession. In addition, the facility also owns modern machinery systems along with advanced cosmetic dental technologies transferred from the US and European countries.

Re-opening smile treatment at Vincos & Dr. Lee aesthetics applies Leeguibone gum-bordering technique to create harmonious gums, overcome openness and bring a bright, confident smile. For cases with many defects, the doctor will advise customers to perform simultaneously along with braces – orthodontic and porcelain teeth wrap. With a team of highly skilled doctors and modern machinery, the small surgery for smiley and gum at Vincos & Dr. Lee aesthetics only takes about 40 minutes.