Smile well. Although not a pathology, however, it will adversely affect your quality of life such as lack of confidence when laughing as well as communication, bad luck, loss of aesthetics. Join Flora Dentistry to learn more about this issue through the article below.

1. The concept of open laughter

Successful cure of gum-exposed laughter
Successful cure of gum-exposed laughter

The condition of exposed laughter is that when laughing, the gums will be visible compared to the foot of the lips. That is, the length of the gums compared to the foot of the lips is over 2mm.

Flora Dentistry divides this condition into 4 levels:

  • Mild level: Gum tissue is only 25% exposed <
  • Medium level: Exposed gum tissue from 25% to 50%
  • Heavy grade: 50% exposed > gum tissue
  • Very heavy level: 100% exposed > gum tissue

With each level there will be its own treatment, which will help optimize the cost and the most effective.


2. Occupations affected by open smiles

Professions can be affected by this condition, as it makes you lose confidence when communicating in general and when laughing in particular. From there, it is difficult for you to connect with colleagues leading to difficult work.

Especially in the fields of selling and selling real estate, it is necessary to pay attention to the situation of laughing and exposing gums. Because according to the anthropology expert, such a state of laughter will adversely affect the career path and love.

If they were men, they wouldn’t keep good money and bad reputations. And women will have a hard life, cheating love lines.

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It is possible that many readers will not inform about the above information, but the ancients have the phrase “There is good abstinence”, so many customers at Flora dentistry, choose to believe to improve the quality of life.

Treatment of laughing and exposing gums to improve life
Treatment of laughing and exposing gums to improve life

3. Should you treat laughter?

3.1. Aesthetics

This is the reason why the majority of female friends often consider deciding on treatment for laughing gums. Many of you have a very beautiful appearance but are afraid to laugh because of the advantage. Don’t let the worry of “laughing” get in the way of your brilliance.

In fact, many misses and beauties after the smile revealed gums have been very successful with sunny smiles, thousands of people are fascinated such as: Ngoc Trinh, Miss Do My Linh, Miss Luong Thuy Linh,…

The treatment of exposing the gums is precisely a spectacular molt without the use of cutlery that many women are interested in.

3.2. General No.

As analyzed above, many customers also weigh in on the reason of the general number, to improve the quality of life.

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4. Current No. 1 treatment

Coming to Flora Dentistry, when visiting the doctor, the doctor will review the condition and analyze the cause so that the client has a deeper understanding of the problem. You will then advise on treatments based on each condition.

Flora Dentistry currently has 3 of the most advanced treatment techniques today, meeting all the conditions of customers:

  • Shape the gums and lengthen the crown of the teeth
  • Gum shaped with bone socket grinding
  • Lip positioning

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For more advice on the route and treatment of open laughter, please contact us immediately via hotline 028.7305.8999 or text directly at Flora Dental Fanpage. Don’t let the smiley defects hold you back, let the future fly away with a bright smile.