Trios machine – Digital prosthetics is a brand-new tool in the dentistry field that many doctors are currently looking for. Check out the article below to learn more about this gadget with Flora Dental Clinic.

1. Overview of Trios machine – Digital prosthetics

Manufacture company

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, 3Shape is a developer and producer of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental and audio industries. China, Europe, Latin America, and the United States are where the corporation has offices and manufacturing facilities.

Tais Clausen initially created the technique for his master’s thesis at the Technical University of Denmark. In 2000, he partnered up with Nikolaj Deichmann, a graduate of Copenhagen Business School, to establish the business 3Shape. The company has been recognized three times as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young after extensive research and development.

With several of these accomplishments, Flora Dental can import the Trios equipment to the clinic with confidence. Along with that, Flora constantly wants its patients to have the highest expected dental experience.

Quickview about Trios machine – Digital prosthetics

This technique helps in digitizing physical print data using desktop scanning equipment or intraoral scanning to take digital imprints of teeth. Through the use of image sensor capture technology and scanning software, thousands of photos and 3D surface models of the outlines of teeth, gums, and other oral cavity structures will be produced.

2. Outstanding advantages of Trios machine – Digital prosthetics

The following benefits are provided by this technology above traditional impression-taking techniques:

  • Captured with advanced, cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, it has intelligent AI built in.
  • 100 times faster than traditional video cameras, it can capture more than 3000 2D images per second and verify gaps.
  • Displaying in true color Direct access to built-in tooth color matching on the display screen
  • Built-in analysis and testing tools: Identify the finish line, the mounting route, and the clearance
  • Process improvement: lowering error rates
  • Quick execution saves time.
  • Offer greater accuracy
  • Clinical practice limitations of prostheses
  • Boost the delightful experience while giving customers a good sense
  • Great accuracy and compatibility when combining scanned data with CT Cone Beam film. From there, assist with planning the cosmetic orthodontics and implant treatments.
  • Doctor-patient communication is now more clear and realistic than ever before.
  • Allows for long – term storage of the oral condition along with information on the patient’s therapy.
  • Helping patients, in particular, predict treatment outcomes

3. How does Trios machine – Digital prosthetics work

Step 1: As soon as the machine is running, it will illuminate the area the doctor needs to scan.

Step 2: At this stage, the sensor captures thousands of clear images with accurate colors, which are then processed by scanning software with AI artificial intelligence. Get rid of any extra soft tissues, such as the tongue.

Step 3: The software will then convert the photos into a 3D model that most accurately represents the patient’s tooth and gum form.

Step 4 : Cooperating with the 3D printer to produce realistic models. The doctor will then have the most accurate and detailed advice and recommendations for treating the patient’s dental issues.

4. Digital prosthetics are used in integrated solutions from Trios machines.

Implant Studio Solution

Support digital implant placement planning, and create a surgical design guide.

Clear Aligner Studio Solution

Contributes to the diagnosis, analysis, planning, and manufacturing of bracketless aligners.

Trios Design Studio

Assist in creating dental restorations on-site in the dental clinic.

Indirect Bonding Studio

In order to place indirect brackets, support the diagnosis, analysis, planning, and design of troughs.

Splint Studio

Support the design of protective troughs, anti-crushing troughs, and appliance troughs.

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