Damon braces are a method of self-lacing braces that are being chosen by many people. What do customers want to learn about Damon braces? Does Flora Dentistry Have Damon Braces? The article below will answer the customer’s questions.

What do you know about Damon braces?

Damon braces
Damon Braces

This type of brace is specifically designed to hold the bow cord on its own and is also attached to the mouth just like traditional metal braces. But instead of having braces that help tighten and adjust braces regularly, use a sliding mechanism that attaches a bow cord to the brace to move naturally with the teeth when the teeth are aligned.

Damon braces make the wearer feel more comfortable, have a better appearance and can bring tangible results in just a short time. This type of self-fastening braces, which are attached, and memory cords connect the sliding braces without creating the same pressure as traditional types of elastics often create. Then braces are set to move you gradually and tighten your teeth over time.

The process of using less force is more effective than traditional braces, which often require additional treatment through tooth extraction and palate enlargation. “According to Orthodontic , clinical studies have found that Damon braces are more effective at correcting severe crowding, helping patients feel more comfortable and have low rates of recurrence.”

Outstanding advantages

  • The transparent appearance of this type of braces creates a higher aesthetic because they are almost invisible.
  • The treatment time is faster.
  • There is no need to go to the clinic to monitor the results regularly.
  • Less pressure on the teeth, thus less pain. Patients who use Damon braces say they feel 60% more comfortable than regular braces.
  • Less friction, which helps avoid tooth erosion and damage.
Advantages of damon braces
Advantages of Damon braces

Does Flora Dentistry Have Damon Braces?

It is a prestigious address and is trusted by a large number of customers. Flora Dentistry is full of braces including Damon braces. Not only that, flora dentistry also updates the latest braces technology and techniques of the world.

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