What are braces in English – 10 dental terms to know

English braces and dental terms are probably quite unfamiliar to a lot of people. Usually only medical students, doctors and experts of this discipline understand and use them extensively. To expand the knowledge in this article, Flora dentistry will introduce you to English braces and the necessary dental terminology.

1. What are braces in English?

In each country braces will have separate ways of calling in their own language. However, English is the common language of the whole world, so English braces can be used anywhere in the world. Here are the words “braces” in English that you should know:

English braces are Orthodontics or Braces
English braces are Orthodontics or Braces
  • Orthodontics (/ɔ:θoudɔntiks/): The term comes from Greece, with “orthos” meaning alignment, aligned arrangement, and “Odont” meaning teeth. Therefore, when grafted into “Orthodontics” is understood as orthodontics, also known as braces in the term dentistry.
  • Braces (/breiz/): This is also a much-used English braces term. Describes the process of orthodontic orthodontic, improves bites, helps them become balanced and harmonious.

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2. 10 English terms in dentistry to know

To understand as well as be able to read and understand specialized English articles on braces or dental pathologies you should know about 10 frequently used dental terms such as:

  • Orthodontist: Orthodontist. Be the main person in charge of your braces process. The doctor will examine, schedule observational treatment and adjust if there is a deviation.
  • Crooked teeth: Misaligned bites and crooked teeth. The phenomenon of two jaws when biting each other is deflected or airy.
  • Overbite: The teeth, which are key-biting jaws, manifest as the condition of the upper teeth protruding too much compared to the lower molars.
  • Underbite: The teeth, meaning that the lower jaw grows beyond the upper jaw, causing the jaw to be unbalanced
  • Elastic Tie: Elastic Tie
  • Wire: Bow Wire
  • Bracket: Braces
  • Hook: Lock on the brace
  • Retainer: The jaw is maintained fixed, which is the jaw worn after the end of the braces process
  • Plates: Removable orthodontic instruments, which is the most modern method of braces today, also known as transparent braces, which are not fixed on teeth that can be removed easily, so it is more convenient for braces.
Dental terms braces need to know
Dental terms braces need to know

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3. Benefits of knowing the term English in dental braces

Knowing the terms English braces and dental english will help you to read and understand knowledge sharing articles in the English language. As you know, all dental treatments are sourced from abroad. Therefore to understand more about the knowledge of braces more accurately you can refer more in foreign sources.

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Customers choose Invisalign braces at Flora Dentistry

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