Misaligned teeth not only cause aesthetic loss, but can also cause dental problems such as misaligned bites. Misaligned teeth can be inherited or caused by bad habits. What are the reasons why teeth grow? Are braces the right method for this condition? Let’s find out with Flora Dentistry through the article below.

1. Causes of misaligned teeth

Both milk teeth and permanent teeth can grow off or due to the effects of misaligned bites should be misaligned. Milk teeth sometimes grow off because they are too small to fill the space the gums are allocated to each other.

Your baby’s bad habits that last like sucking on a pacifier or finger for too long will also cause the baby teeth to be pushed out or tilted. The passing factor from parents can also cause teeth to grow unevenly.

However, not that the baby teeth grow out, the permanent teeth will also grow off. But if before that the milk teeth grow crowded together, the place of permanent teeth growth is not enough, it is inevitable that permanent teeth grow out of line.

In addition, in some cases due to an injury to the mouth or due to tooth decay that causes one or more milk teeth to fall out earlier than naturally, the permanent teeth that follow may grow out of the gums instead of the brakes.

2. Methods to overcome misaligned teeth

So to overcome the situation of teeth growing out of line, we should choose braces method is the right and best method for you.

Braces are a great choice for all ages, provided that the teeth and gums are strong enough to hold them. Treatment can take two to three years depending on the type of braces you choose, the condition of your teeth, and how much of your teeth are misaligned.

At Flora Dentistry there are many brace methods for you to refer to as well as choose.

  • Metal Braces

This is the oldest method of braces because of its high efficiency as well as low cost. This method can handle most cases of misaligned teeth, hosp… Metal braces are made of stainless steel, stainless steel is fixed and held fixed with rubber elastic bands.

  • Porcelain braces

Later, when experts found metal braces slightly out of aesthetics, they upgraded the porcelain brace version. With porcelain braces, you are almost no longer afraid of the obsession with ugly metal braces while ensuring the effectiveness of misaligned teeth problems.

porcelain braces method

  • Invisalign Transparent Braces

Invisalign transparent braces are the most advanced braces technique today. With this type of braces, you will use extremely simple space with just a quality plastic brace tray that helps to adjust the teeth to deviate extremely effectively over a period of more than a year, can be completed earlier or later depending on the condition of your teeth. This will definitely be the right method for those who have gone to work and are afraid to wear “iron teeth” when communicating with partners.

invisalign transparent braces

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