Porcelain dental coating technology Invy Ultra 3D is a new porcelain coating technology, used in the process of restoring teeth using biocell biosynthetics made from nature and removed toxic impurities so it is completely assured that it does not hurt the gums.

1. What is Invy Ultra 3P porcelain teeth?

Porcelain teeth cover Invy Ultra 3P is a new dental restoration technology, with a combination of 3 elements: Laminate porcelain material, Biocell bio adhesive and Coritec machine to ensure high aesthetics and not affect the oral health of patients.

beautiful porcelain teeth

  • With this technology, the tooth coating will be using ultra-thin laminate porcelain paste material. Just take rough the surface of the teeth about 0.5mm, so it will minimize the grinding of teeth, protecting the root pulp and teeth of customers. Laminate is thin but still very hard and solid thanks to the porcelain particles are closely linked together, with a large density that creates an extremely durable structure.
  • Crafted by Coritec machine to ensure aesthetics and not distort the bite, with a error of only 0.003mm because this machine has a diamond drill head and a micro nano drill, so the results are accurate to each cut.

2. Cases that should be covered with Invy Ultra 3P porcelain teeth

  • Teeth, shouting, food… Heavy due to the structure of the teeth.
  • Teeth with gums, sensitive teeth.
  • The teeth are crooked, deviated from position.
  • Teeth are broken, chipped, cracked horizontally or along the crown.
  • Teeth are uneven in size.
  • Dull teeth, yellowing, antibiotic contamination.

3. Advantages of Invy Ultra 3P porcelain teeth coating

Invy Ultra 3P Porcelain Tooth Advantages

2.1. It doesn’t cause pain, no pain.

Porcelain dental upholstery technology Invy Ultra 3P is non-invasive, deeply interferes with the tooth structure, combined with modern anesthesia techniques to help customers no longer feel pain, lingering during the porcelain wrap process as well as the time of use after that.

2.2. Perfect bio compatibility

The latest porcelain teeth today, most of which use Invy Ultra 3D porcelain wrap technology, are recognized by the world’s leading experts as safe and standard of health for users. Commitment not to irritate, dull, thickened, heavy jaw … Throughout the process of eating, communicating daily.

2.3. Long-term durability

The life expectancy of porcelain teeth of this modern porcelain wrap technology lasts a maximum of 15 years or more until permanently without restoration if properly cared for, cleaned and cleaned.

2.4. Maximum root teeth preservation

Invy Ultra 3P porcelain tooth wrap technology allows for grinding up to 1-2mm, does not affect dentin, does not invade or requires root pulp, helping to preserve the maximum natural teeth.