With the need for aesthetics as well as the constant development of techniques in the field of dentistry, especially for braces techniques, in order to overcome conditions such as teeth, sloppy, deviated growth … Nowadays, there are many types of braces for customers to choose from. So at Flora what kind of braces to make, let’s see the article below.

At Flora Dentistry, there are many types of braces such as: Metal braces, porcelain braces, self-laced braces, Invisalign transparent braces. Depending on the budget of each customer as well as the aesthetic needs when wearing braces, customers will choose for themselves the most suitable type of braces.

1. Metal Braces

This is a common method as well as a long time ago. The advantage of metal braces is low cost, high efficiency, however, because of the low cost, it will have limitations such as will make the wearer feel entangled, uncomfortable when wearing the brace, and will not have aesthetics in the eyes of the opposite person.

metal braces

2. Porcelain braces

The method of porcelain braces is now chosen by more customers. Its difference from metal braces is that it’s hard for other people to see you’re having braces. In terms of aesthetics, it will look more subtle, sometimes it is the highlight on the frame of the customer’s teeth.

3. Self-fastening braces

This method of braces is quite new, with the characteristic of using a brace with a sliding cap or metal wings to cover and fix the cord part of the brace, after which the wire will move freely in the brace. This is a method that will help reduce the force of friction with the teeth, the orthodontic time will be reduced.


4. INVISALIGN Transparent Braces

With the aesthetic needs increasingly interested by customers, wearing braces such as not wearing them is gradually becoming a trend. Understanding the psychology of customers experts have found transparent braces with trays Invisalign braces have the most advanced and modern techniques today, which can be removed easily to help customers feel comfortable and especially not afraid of bad during treatment. Therefore, invisalign transparent braces are the highest price.

transparent braces invisalign

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