Laughter makes many people feel self-conscious at work and in life. Besides, if you are a woman, you will be afraid when you have an open smile because folk often have the story of girls laughing and cheating love, so many of you have questions about whether transparent braces can cure laughter or not? Flora Dentistry went looking for the answer right below.

1. What is a good laugh?

Laughing is when you smile, you will reveal too many gums on your teeth. If the gums are exposed more than 3mm above the contour at the base of the front teeth every time you smile, this condition is called open-edged laughter. This is not pathological so you do not need to worry, but it belongs to aesthetics and there are many methods to cure.

2. Cause of Laughter Exposing Gums

There are many reasons for laughter as follows:

  • Due to teeth: The tooth stem is short, too covered by gums
  • Due to tooth socket bone: The tooth socket bone is too thick, the gums are hypertrophic
  • Due to the lips: The lip symchany force is too large to make the lips pull up too much when laughing.

Reasons for laughter

3. What is transparent braces?

Transparent braces are a method of braces that do not use elastic braces but use transparent braces to correct the teeth to the right position on the jaw. Transparent braces are a fairly new concept for many of you, especially this is a modern method and gives you a different view of braces, many of you will think that braces are exposed but transparent braces when you wear them but outsiders will think you are not wearing anything.

At Flora Dentistry, invisalign is a series of transparent braces designed specifically for each case of misaligned teeth depending on the degree of each person, it is used in different stages for orthodontic process.

Each brace tray will be beaten in order from tray 1 to the last tray, usually each tray carries for about 2 weeks and helps the teeth move about 0.25mm, constantly replacing the etching trays until the teeth are in the desired position.

According to the response from a specialist, each patient will need 20-40 trays of Invisalign depending on the deviation of each tooth. However, invisalign can be at its best, patients should wear the tray continuously for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

4. Transparent braces can cure open gum laughter.

In fact, braces mainly affect the teeth mainly, when the teeth move back to the jaw, the gums will have a marked change. Whether it’s braces or transparent braces, it’s not a complete cure for cleft laughter, but it can be a good smile treatment, especially if the patient has bite bias problems.

Some beneficial smile treatments have a high success rate:

  • Gum shaping lengthis the crown of the teeth simply
  • Gum shaping combined with orthodonts
  • Lip positioning